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 NVM haha changed it, just don't add the ".png" on the end... I'm using windows 7 btw
Can we still change the wallpaper on the new FW? ver 1.5.0? 
that is the sad thing about it :(,  hope somebody can comment something or have a review about them
Hey guys any comments about the new soundmagic es20? 
hehe my uncle is willing and I know it is more cheaper there unlike here in manila 
no one can give any local store selling them in lexington? :( 
hey guys where can I buy Grado headphones in Lexington kentucky? my uncle is going and I want a Grado HP as a souvenir for me :) ... I'm looking at the SR80i and RS125i  TIA guys :D
is a 4month old hp100 any good? I've been eyeing this cans, along with the ATH-M50
Yeah I agree that the Sansa Clip+ stock earphones sound good, too good to be exact for me. At first try I found them a little muddy and bloated, but after using them for a month or two those babies really did opened up, they sound very clear and smooth, but they lack extensions on both ends (highs and lows)... But hey they are stock earphones, and I can't compare any stock earphones that can beat them (for me )... And for that I can Endure a very long process of saving...
hmmm... the solo hd and those beats tours,, I mean when you use them it's like your head is wrapped around a plastic under water  and one pioneer ear-hook, (forgot the model) sounded soo cling clang for me
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