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Really hard for me to say, as I haven't heard the 1A's.Note that the ES700's are quite mid-centric, which has been mentioned several times in this thread. They are how ever very responsive to EQ and are very capable in the entire range. I myself run them through a Vorzuge Vorzamp Duo with both the bass and treble switch turned on and that has really hit the sweetspot for me. I am a bit of a bass-head just FYI 
Lambskins : Worth every penny!YMMV: "Your mileage may vary" (it's a variation of "different strokes for different folks". Often used instead of "IMHO")
No! The ESW9 pads are basically the exact same size as the stock ones.
[[SPOILER]] You are an artist! I love all of your work man!
[[SPOILER]] Oh, my, God.... The footprint match of the Hugo and the TUR makes me excited in my pants!
Values of the pictured resistors are R2: 6.8 ohms 5W, R3: 1.2 ohms 5W, wire wound ceramic encased resistors. Don't think there will be a need for "magical" resistors, as I'm getting quite satisfactory results with the cheap resistors I'm using now. The size and shape of these particular resistors also make them quite easy to work with, even for a beginner like me!  I'm actually already getting the kind of attenuation I was aiming for with these resistors, but I'm also...
[[SPOILER]]  Let's hope I got this right...  Don't worry guys, this is just a test configuration so I can swap between different networks and find the one that works best for me! The end result will look better (I hope...)!
I use the Fiio E17 with the DT's. Not exactly the same, but they definitely benefit from the amp. The E17/E07k also gives you the option to use bass and treble gain, which I use quite a bit, depending on the music I'm listening to and the mood I'm in!
Where in Finland is this local shop located?
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