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Damn, I ordered the same cable including a couple of adapters and a headphone retermination around the same time and missed the headphonia voucher :P O well, Matt's cables are well worth the listed prices so I don't really care
Use mine everyday and love them! Been thinking about pulling the trigger and some woodie ATH's to see if I can appreciate them as much/more! Really love the 700's, even compared to KEF M500, ONkyo ES-FC300, Momentums etc etc etc. +1, they really do!
And they are DEEEEEP too!
works with spotify for me!
Inexpensive, flexible, durable, lots of pretty colors, gets the signal from A to B.
You are looking for this thread
Are you using interconnects with 3 pole plugs with both configurations? The duo doesn't work/glitches with 4 pole plugs.
Don't remember if this has been discussed, but should we add a disclaimer next to headphones that tell the reader whether or not they have been discontinued?
+1 on the UE6000's! I also have them and use them on a daily bas(S)is at work! They extend deep and can be, as Coq de Combat says, EQ:ed to ridiculous bass levels!edit: with the Arrow 3G and bass set to II = 
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