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You listen with your what?
10 ohm 1 watt cheapo resistor applied in parallel, hiss at normal to high listening levels is gone! I love you guys <3 Bliss
Here are the pics:   I have the exact same marks on the outside as yours do. The ones (white/gray) on the inside does not exist on mine though. I guess there is nothing to worry about as long as they work as they are supposed to :)
I think it might be the core of the Death Star!
Hi there and welcome to head-fi! So sorry about your wallet! You can't post pictures unitl you've made X-number of posts (can't remember if it's 5 or 10). Upload you picture to Flickr or similar service and link the picture here and I'll post the pic for you :)
Could you guys aid me with the calculations of what resistor I should get for my LCD-3 - Elekit 22 amp system? I contacted the manufacturer of the Elekit 22 hybrid amp and they were a bit concerned that I was using headphones with the amp. They advised me to add a 10Ohm resistor in parallel between the speaker posts, but I'm not sure what specs I'm supposed to get (W). I have the older LCD-3's, which I believe is 50Ohm and the amp is rated at 12W/channel at 8Ohm. Any...
Thanks for the tip! I think I'll stay clear from resistors for now though. The hiss changes with volume for me and it most definitely is the tubes! The hiss settles quite a bit once the tubes warm up! 
He's testing the new ZO FS board with a pair of LCD-X. BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!
Thanks for all the answers guys! I've ruled out upstream devices. It definitely is the amp. Everything is pointing towards the tubes (as the hiss slightly changes when I switch over to the Shuguang's). I'll just get a few higher quality matched 6SN7's and start rolling! No turning back now! Bye bye wallet! Again, thank you all!
Yes a 12W hybrid. Don't know about the ss stage, but overall it's got tons of power. Even drives my full size floorspeakers to sadisfactory volume levels. You mean the hiss can be due to weak ss stage?
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