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Wow! 6 months since last post in this thread! What have I've been up to? As of a few weeks ago, my Vorzamp duo started discharging when not in use. It does this quite rapidly. It goes from full charge to empty over night, even when it's not in use  I thought it might be a battery issue, so I bought 2 spare sets of rechargeable batteries (directly from Vorzuge), but didn't solve my problem! Anyone else experiencing this?
Before my left driver failed it started making a crackling noise when pressure was applied on the driver. If I for example added some (light pressure! Don't force it, because that is not good for the drivers!) pressure on the earcups when putting the headphones on the left driver would make some "flex" noise, kind of crackling like a plastic bag. Didn't take long before the driver died completely. Had both drivers replaced and I'm once again enjoying my 3's. GL
I have tried boosting using both hardware and software, but I can't get the effortles reach down low that I'm getting when I allow the drivers to breathe. And to me, when the seal is slightly broken the signature is just spot on without any SW or HW adjustments. I'll report my findings once I find a suitable tube 
I've thought about cutting a piece of "marinade syringe" tube (thin metal tube) and sticking it under the back side of the pads. Feels pretty weird doing DIY mods on a 2k $ pair of headphones, but at least this would be totally reversible and I don't have to reduce the clamping force (really like how they sit on my head). 
I have a question regarding the airtight seal of the pads combined with the fazor drivers. About a year ago, my left driver died on me, and since I live in Sweden, the driver replacement process has been a long one... Anyway, I got both my drivers replaced a couple of months ago. The were ofc replaced with the fazor drivers (had a pair of classics from 2012). As expected from posts here, the sub bass presence was a bit less than the originals, but overall, the sound...
No interest in these? Been googling impressions and pictures nonstop since I found them a couple of days ago! I find the EXTREMELY appealing in the aesthetics department! Don't really understand why you basically have to buy 2 pairs of headphones minus one headband to get these. I'd like for them to be 2 different pairs. That said, I am very interested!
Really want to remake this BT rig with the new A1   
Another one from EU, Sweden!
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