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[[SPOILER]]  Let's hope I got this right...  Don't worry guys, this is just a test configuration so I can swap between different networks and find the one that works best for me! The end result will look better (I hope...)!
I use the Fiio E17 with the DT's. Not exactly the same, but they definitely benefit from the amp. The E17/E07k also gives you the option to use bass and treble gain, which I use quite a bit, depending on the music I'm listening to and the mood I'm in!
Where in Finland is this local shop located?
You listen with your what?
10 ohm 1 watt cheapo resistor applied in parallel, hiss at normal to high listening levels is gone! I love you guys <3 Bliss
Here are the pics:   I have the exact same marks on the outside as yours do. The ones (white/gray) on the inside does not exist on mine though. I guess there is nothing to worry about as long as they work as they are supposed to :)
I think it might be the core of the Death Star!
Hi there and welcome to head-fi! So sorry about your wallet! You can't post pictures unitl you've made X-number of posts (can't remember if it's 5 or 10). Upload you picture to Flickr or similar service and link the picture here and I'll post the pic for you :)
Could you guys aid me with the calculations of what resistor I should get for my LCD-3 - Elekit 22 amp system? I contacted the manufacturer of the Elekit 22 hybrid amp and they were a bit concerned that I was using headphones with the amp. They advised me to add a 10Ohm resistor in parallel between the speaker posts, but I'm not sure what specs I'm supposed to get (W). I have the older LCD-3's, which I believe is 50Ohm and the amp is rated at 12W/channel at 8Ohm. Any...
Thanks for the tip! I think I'll stay clear from resistors for now though. The hiss changes with volume for me and it most definitely is the tubes! The hiss settles quite a bit once the tubes warm up! 
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