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I am willing to trade HD800's for Hang Drum of equal value.
That combo is strictly for my laptop which never leaves my kitchen table...along with sound sticksIII which I really enjoy.
This is quite tough to call based on my ever changing moods but of the 10 or so phones I keep out the order I would say I grab them is:   D7000 HD650 HE5000 LCD2 MAD DOGS AKG701 HD800 DT990 (600) HF2 Porta pros are always with my cell phone ATHM50 is always at my laptop
Thanks, I take the porta pros with me on the job but only use it when stopped. I don't use anything at all while driving iuncluding the radio.
This is how I keep myself content.  I have over 30 headphones but keep only 10 out and ready to roll when Im in the mood. Between my Nuforce dac 9, my O2, 6000MKII tube amp and a jack out of my CM30 powered Cube monitor they are all plugged in and available at once.  I use a couple large capacity home made phone stands and with the touch of a few buttons I choose from these phones:  LCD2,  HD800 ,HD650, MAD DOGS, HF-2 ,AKG701, D7000, HE5000, DT990(600).   M50 and porta...
Paul Revere and the Raiders   1961
What revision are these?
5698650 rev-1....jamesleroy
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