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Posts by esteebin   RBH EP1 $89 RBH EP2 $139 RBH EP-SB $149
Koss portapros $25 on Amazon
Short film "lava" before inside out: 7/10 This is a short film about a lonely volcanic island wanting to find "lava" (love). It's cool but I liked the dog and food short film before Big Hero Six. Inside Out : 9.5/10 Pixar's imaginative rendition of emotions was great in dealing with a young girl dealing with moving to a new place, the process not going so smoothly, fitting in, and creating new memories. There were plenty of funny parts (the head-quarters of other...
I use squaretrade to insure my iPhones and used it once when my wife dropped hers and the screen went blank. Contacted them over phone and they were quick to respond. Had me go to apple or ATT store to get it replaced and they reimbursed me the replacement cost minus the deductible when I sent them the receipt. They are easily reachable through phone or email.
Chappie: 8/10 possible spoiler alert: I loved District 9 for its story and graphics and the ending was pretty good. This feels like déjà vu only with robots (vs aliens) for its theme (South African gangs/crime/unrest, and metamorphosis) and ending. Kingsman: 9/10 I like its style, action and humor. Instant action flick classic. Jurassic World: 7/10 possible spoiler alert: I liked the original and this feels like a slight remake. The original them had man playing god with...
Camel^3 doesn't seem to account for flash/lightning sales. Also, its limited to Amazon and their 3rd party sellers. So if a seller, say buydig, newegg or sonic Electronix has a massive sale, it will not reflect on camel^3.I get corrected of better deals often and everyone in this community benefits from it. Cheers!Go Warriors!
Sennheiser HD 449 ($47) on eBay and Amazon ($48) from Sonic Electronix. If people find them lower elsewhere please chime in. Camelx3 has this price as lowest.
Holy moly! I sent Phonak my buzzing PFE132 and they send me back a PFE 232?!?!?!?!?
Xiaomi Piston 3. It's a Chinese brand that is for Android complete with volume buttons and the play/call button. Can be had for less than $20. Reviews say it's more balanced than the 2nd version (which I have).Sennheiser has the Momentum in ear (they have separate iOS and Android versions) but costs $99
just a heads up:   if you purchased a Phonak Audeo PFE IEM from Sound Earphones (50% off when they first announced the Audeo line would be discontinued) around this time in 2013 and has crapped out, you can contact them at they honor the 2 year warranty and will provide a free FedEx return label/package to send them the faulty IEM. Just forward them the order confirmation email from Sound Earphones when they reply.   My PFE132 recently has a buzzy left...
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