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VSD1's are originally intended for straight down wear, with option to wear around ear but L/R channels are swapped.Were you referring to VSD3's? Those are originally intended for around ear.
Please report back what he says!$30+7 shipping. It may be an M2C update?
after 50+ hours of playing/burn-in, I find the sound an improvement over the BE5. I listen with Yurbuds enhancers because they are comfortable and help keep them stay on. BE7 bass is a bit less than BE5 but extends down low. The difference is that there is no mid bass bloat on BE7 so the music sounds less congested in the vocals. Highs are very nice. No sibilance whatsoever. Each note on the BE7 has a nice impact/dynamics which gives it plenty of energy; feeling engaged...
Received the BE7 today.   Initial impression vs BE5 is that the BE7 is more dynamic and energetic vs mellow and warm of the BE5.   BE5 has more bass. Both mid-bass and low bass. Treble is laid back and smooth.   BE7 on first listen (with the Yurbuds Enhancer) is not as warm and thick but has quick bass punch. It has more clarity and still manages to be sibilant-free. I don't notice it reaching as low as BE5 but we'll see after a week.   It came with a pair of foam...     Jabra REVO wireless headphones $140 all colors on Amazon
Its not a big change.Try this: angle your earbuds towards your ear canal until the sound is louder and the bass is stronger. It's like that but more comfortable and secure.The silicone material is pretty durable. I've had mine for a couple months now and I wear it 4 nights a week for work for almost 3 hours at a time (12 hour shift) while setting up 15 liter reactors and sampling.
The one downside is that the sound becomes a little more intimate. But the comfort is worth it. Also, without it my right side easily falls off. But with these I have to tug really hard for them to come off. For me, these are a must have accessory if I were to use earbuds.
I think everyone's waiting on the red/blue ones...   Which version is the desirable? 3 or the 3S?
  Above is my post on page 38. As you can see it wraps all the way around for a secure fit onto the BE5. I have to have these connected in order for them to stay more than 5 minutes on my ear. I love that it redirects the sound especially the bass back into the ear canal. You can still clearly hear things around you, which I like about earbuds.
I got the limited series Ambient Aware size 5. I really like the fact that I can enjoy music and still be aware of my surroundings at work. I tend to grab the BE5 more than my IEMs (GR07BE, XBA-4, SteelSeries Flux, VSD1S...). Of course on plane trips, XBA-4 and Flux block out most of the engine noise.
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