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She's into Quality Time with the family.
For movies we rate highly, we tend to recommend others to see the silver screen gem. For the real stinkers, we advise others to stay away or wait for it on video or TV. We are doing our fellow movie goers a disservice if we do not report a movie we deem garbage and have someone else waste their time and money.It also helps knowing what the reviewer's preferences are so we can gauge if it's something we might or might not enjoy.
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00591GIMY Yamaha EPH100 $83 on Amazon
I would have bought another pair if it were the 022 mic'd version. Great price on a great IEM with potential to be better (grey or black filters).I too missed on the fire sale that went down earlier in the year ($45) due to funds. Now that I can afford one, it's not on sale.
The Good Dinosaur- 8/10 a nice tale of growth, overcoming fears, and family. Plenty of funny moments, scary (for kids, of course), action and sad moments. Graphics are top notch with picturesque environments and contrasting it with cartoony yet detailed characters. The story is straightforward and paced well. No musical numbers where the characters break out in song. An overall great movie to take the family to.
Westone Adventure Series Beta can be had for $40 on buydig.comThey have great isolation, nice strong bass, can be worn cable down or up, water resistant, AWACS reflective cable for night running, detachable cable, mic with 3-buttons (for idevice). I use it mostly at work in a biotech research lab and need to keep only one in ear because I need to hear machines and coworkers. The ADV beta is overbuilt for my specific purpose but the ability to manipulate volume/play/pause...
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A39PPCG V-Moda M100 $150 on Amazon Add: Shadow color. The other colors are $200
http://electronics.woot.com Not Headphones related but...Electronics woot selling Canon T5i for $480 + tax + $5 shipping today only. Looks like a good deal
$35 at buydig using VISAVET25 promo code. Must use Visa Checkout.I bought these at the $39 price point and was really impressed.
These occasionally go down to $80. The lowest ever, though was $40 when RadioShack were pretty much clearing them out about 2 years ago.
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