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Highly rated portable DAC + AMP + Interconnect DAC : Cypher Labs Solo db  Amp : Cypher Labs Duet Interconnect : Cypher labs Interconnect Condition : only solo logo diminished. for others 9.5/10 best combo to drive planar magnetic and any higher headphone i haven't checked the operating time. i used it for around 100 hours. check the photos for accessories and box
Thanks. Let me try ur suggestion
I am using my Hifiman he-500 with the following setup   CLAS -db -> Cypher Labs 4 pin mini to mini -> Cypher Labs Duet  -> twag 2 Balanced Connector  -> Hifiman HE500   the setup shines very well in all category. but it has slightly more brighter sound characteristics.   shall anyone provide any other setup for long time listening ? shall i need to go for tube ampliifer or Solid state is enough ?
i am posting on behalf of my friend item. he can't able to directly list in head-fi here is the ebay link   http://www.ebay.com/itm/111379099195
after a long time i am satisfied with my current rig        CLAS -db -> Cypher Labs 4 pin mini to mini -> Cypher Labs Duet  -> Whiplash TWag 2  ->  Hifiman HE-500
  my current Rig    Cypher Labs Solo -db ->  Cypher Labs Balanced interconnect  -> Cypher Labs Duet  -> Whiplash TWAG 2  -> Hifiman he-500
Haven't anything other than db for direct comparison. IMO its superior than my prev dacport lx. pairing is one of the cleanest ouput u will get with neutral sound signature.
Got my solo db with duet paired to he 500. Completely enjoying the rig. is there any low battery status indicator in duet ?
that's well said. waiting for my duet arrival. yet to be shipped.
but ohm preferred duet than theorem but Lieven preference is quite reverse
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