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Hello, I just want to give my advise about hd800 wa6se synergy. I spend a lot of time in this forum and i was scared about hd800 6khz problem and sound. But this heAdphone souns just PERFECT ! As serial number change somthing ? Idont understand why they are so criticated
Hello,   I just wanted to know what is the difference ? I dont find a Maxxed option on the woo website. Do it have a real sound difference with the Maxxed option ?   tHX
Hello,   I own a lavry da11 and i wanted to know if the amp section on it have the potential to drive well the beyerdynamic T1 ? Some of you have try this combo ?   Thx ++
Yes i read on many post that grado headphone and lcd2 works really well with wa6se
Really interesting to know !!! I have order the sophia princess with Option 1 power tube from woo audio site but im really interessed to know about wich tube improving the synergy between wa6se and hd800. Thx you Everybody for your nice help
    Thx ! So now i regret a little bit to have choose the Wa6se amp. Does the Wa6se   is  better than wa2 with other headphones ?   If i understand about what i have read on forums, the wa6se sound more bright and wa2 more deep and warm ? So i need to focus  more on deep and dark sounding headphone for find the better synergy with my wa6se ? I mean  if i really want to find the perfection :-)   Thx !
Ok so senn is well and what about hd800?
Hello everybody !   I just order 2 week ago my new Wa6se and i feel really confused about which headphone i need to choose with it . I really want to have your advise. I'm really interested by the Sennheiser hd800 or beyerdynamic T1 (more because their are made in europa and i live in Swisserland) but maybe you can give me more advise for a better synergy ?   Kings regards !       My stuff : Logitech squeezbox touch -> lavry da11 -> Woo Wa6se -> HD650...
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