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There are several things i dislike about my current systems, wires, wall-warts, not enough time to listen to them. I don't expect Schiit can help with the last one, they can certainly help with the first 2.   The Schiit KISTA(box or chest).    A rack for the small form factor stuff with a linear PS and cable management for the devices.   Magni or vali amp Sys preamp Modi Mani Linear Power Supply for it all.   That would make a nice little 2 channel system. Oh,...
I have had my Fulla for a couple of days now and while I'm pleased with the sound, I'm not impressed by the whole package. My Volume pot is noisy as in with no music playing and I adjust the volume, I can here the pots wiper. Of course the metal edges, wile not cutting sharp are reminiscent of a DIY build not a commercial product. the volume knob is a little short and my finger tips catch the metal edges. Lastly the bag is useless. The Fulla is too tall for the drawstring...
Rain by Freedom to Glide.
Hey Jason,      Did you mean to Hi-jack your own thread:-)   here's the Schitt I want.   Balanced rollable tube amp to drive High impedance headphones. DT880, T1, HD 800 etc... Upgradeable preamp with at least 4 balanced inputs with space to put DAC and Phono preamp cards inside. If you can think of something I don't even know I need yet, would be coll too.
Is your Wyrd powering a M2Tech device? can you really tell any difference? I'm considering it for my HiFace 2.
I've had my Asgard 2 on for about 4 hours this morning and it is warm. I can grab and hold the chassis firmly without any issues. the same for the volume knob. I would guess it's slightly warmer than the Bifrost sitting underneath is. In fact, the stack makes a nice little hand warmer in the winter.   My Valhalla is warmer and I may not want to firmly grip it for a long time but I can certainly touch the volume knob without issue.   I would venture to say that...
So for all your complaining about the minor cosmetic issues you never said if you liked the sound or not. From what I saw is anybody ever going to get that close to actually see them? Or could it be that you didn't like the sound and used the cosmetic issues to force a refund instead of the local retailers exchange only policy.
Speaking of Super HiRez, I was looking through the DSD downloads and noticed "Nojima Plays Liszt". Since I like Liszt, I checked it out. In the DSD format, it states "Natively recorded at 176/24, price for DSD 24.99. There was a handy link over to the 176/24 format which is priced at 29.99. It is these types of business practices that make it so hard to support Record companies and the sites that sell their product. On Amazon I can often buy the physical CD including...
Just added my vote so now there are 15 replies. Microsoft may listen but it's going to take a whole lot more than this:-(
I bought the XS because of the size and the fairly neutral sound signature. I am not liking the fit though. The click fold design does not allow the cups to pivot and though they have a slight angle to them, it is not enough and they end up putting too much pressure on the back part of my ear. I should also mention that the cable is rather microphonic. I do like its sound signature which is pretty neutral.
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