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I believe "Dual Mono" or separate mono block amps is supposed to reduce/eliminate crosstalk, Balanced amp I don't know but balanced cable is to reduce/improve common mode noise in long cable runs or electrically noisy environments but I am reaching way back so take it for what it's worth.
Can't argue with changing headphones either. I have 5 amps and 6 headphones and for me the headphones make a more profound change in sound signature than the amps do.
New tubes are generally rated at 3000 to 5000 hours which when you think about your actual 'on' time is a long time. YMMV with NOS tubes. I've had mine for over 3 years and still on the original tubes. The LD MKIII would be a lower cost option and the darkvoice I hear would also be a good option. Bear in mind the MKIV SE has upgraded tubes over the other options..
I've had my LD MKIV SE for several years now and use it primarily with 600ohm DT-880's. It is very versatile and I have also used my PS-500e and HE400 on it as well. I do find that mine is rather sensitive to RF so I have to careful of placement around computer and WiFi stuff. I've been using my Vallhalla more with the DT880 for classical.
Austin and January would work for me. I'd be willing to help with setup and tear down if needed.
I'm from Houston, but Austin or San Antonio would be great. Hope this works out.
There are several things i dislike about my current systems, wires, wall-warts, not enough time to listen to them. I don't expect Schiit can help with the last one, they can certainly help with the first 2.   The Schiit KISTA(box or chest).    A rack for the small form factor stuff with a linear PS and cable management for the devices.   Magni or vali amp Sys preamp Modi Mani Linear Power Supply for it all.   That would make a nice little 2 channel system. Oh,...
I have had my Fulla for a couple of days now and while I'm pleased with the sound, I'm not impressed by the whole package. My Volume pot is noisy as in with no music playing and I adjust the volume, I can here the pots wiper. Of course the metal edges, wile not cutting sharp are reminiscent of a DIY build not a commercial product. the volume knob is a little short and my finger tips catch the metal edges. Lastly the bag is useless. The Fulla is too tall for the drawstring...
Rain by Freedom to Glide.
Hey Jason,      Did you mean to Hi-jack your own thread:-)   here's the Schitt I want.   Balanced rollable tube amp to drive High impedance headphones. DT880, T1, HD 800 etc... Upgradeable preamp with at least 4 balanced inputs with space to put DAC and Phono preamp cards inside. If you can think of something I don't even know I need yet, would be coll too.
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