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I know I am several years late (!) but just for the record I think the responding commenter was confusing multichannel processors for movies with genuine audio DACs. There are quite a few multichannel DACs on the market. Here's one that does DSD, but I believe most just do PCM: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/539-exasound-e28-multichannel-usb-dac-review/
Please read my comment above - the problem with those four corrupt 24/96 tracks is very easily fixed.
The problem is those four tracks (10, 14, 15, 26) have been put in 4-channel containers, not 2-channel stereo ones. There's obviously been a serious error at HDTracks. I have checked these FLACs in Audacity, and channels 3 & 4 are just silent. They are very easy to fix using your software of choice to dump those silent channels and re-convert to 2-channel FLAC losslessly. I used Saracon to split out the channels, dump the silent ones, then re-interleave them. It worked a...
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