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 Another pride owner here. I bought it from a friend of Japan last month at a rather little discount from the original price.Can you tell me how much did you pay for this masterpiece?
 First of all I am from HK, where the DX2000 is still available on the market (even though it is extremely hard to find a pair) with full warranty and is on their local official website. I then contacted JVC HK, whom confirmed the parts in DX1000 and DX2000 are the same, to ask JVC Japan for the availability of the parts on behalf of me. JVC HK replied that as this product was published more than 10 years ago, JVC Japan does not have anymore parts for repairing. So my...
 I am extremely said to report that the JVC Japan does not have any more drivers for replacement.Now I am heading to some good 50mm drivers for this housing? Would Denon D600 do the job?
 Always look for the official web page to get the correct answer In this case I suggest you email them to confirm it is the new version or not. Old version is not worth that much.
 The difference is just the change of headband to the one used in the Signature series only. No sonic difference is reported.
 My pair is bought directly from Japan for a collection purpose. I have kept it boxed until today (almost a year).Its unique horizontally wide but not vertically wide sound and bass response is definitely as good as its look. As Denon D7200 is coming to town, I torn between JVC DX1/2000 and Denon D7200. Both headphones are of the same price point.
Unfortunately, my pair of DX1000 starts to rattle on the left hand side even at small volume. Anyone has the idea of replacement drivers? Is it wise to buy another pair?
 Unfortunately, it is stated that the Signature Studio is just half the price of Signature Pro, with the absent of the glass surface on the both sides of the ear cups, use of sheep skin leather.From these information it might be just a refined version of Pro900 to me, though I do not get a chance to audition it.
 I am afraid I have mislead you. I own an ED8 EX. Comparing to the other models, the feel of S-Logic is more significant.With the use of lemo plug, it is worth the upgrade from ED8 and ignore the signature series.
 Meanwhile, the edition 8 ex is expensive. Comparing to what the usual edition 8 gives, the ex version worth the extra.
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