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 Thank you! You are so nice. I am going to see if there is something similar in my 1R!
Thank you guys! But I am quite sure that the issue is caused by the diaphragm itself as the rattle sound comes with the movement of diaphragm. Or it is hard to explain why the rattle sound is still here even the ports are covered.My 1R has no warranty now so I use the Panasonic RP-HD 10 as an upgrade (or substitute) instead. My experience with this LCP diaphragm is rather disappointing.
 I know there are bass ports and did try to cover them (at least by my fingers) for testing, but the issue is still there. I also own a pair of 1R (the original version). There are similar issue which appears on the right channel. Is this issue commonly seen on LCP diaphragm?
Hi all, this is my very first post in this forum. I want to share my experience of this headphone.   I bought a Z7 as the Christmas gift for myself. Connected with the Kimber Kable from TEAC HA-P50 which is used as a USB DAC, I found there was some rattle sound from the right channel of the headphone. Even though I connected the right channel of the headphone to the LEFT channel of the cable, the problem was still there.   Actually the rattle sound appears when some...
Hi all. I would like to share my experience of a Ko-Star Product. First of all, I have bought a DJ-1050 for a DIY purpose (dual entry at this price, awesome?) at this link. When the headphone arrived, I could feel that the cushion is excellent, thick and comfortable. Then I spent some time to inspect the headphone and found that WOW! As you can see, the two pieces is different! The material of the board is obviously different. With a careful inspection I found that...
Hi all. I got my HA-P50 yesterday. The sound is so clear and linear (compared to my old Fiio E10). When I try to use it as a USB dac for my notebook, I find some problems:   1. It has only a micro USB entry (instead of the mini USB). Is there any adapter from mini to micro USB? 2. (Most series one) The DAC keep charging when I try to restart my notebook, would it affect the battery?   (Sorry for my bad English)
Are there any upgrade model for m100? I like the way they sound but am still deciding rather I should go for m100 or Philips A5 pro.
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