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In some (original) Ultrasone thread someone has clarified that the i-version has the same drivers as the old one and an improved headband, while I do think the sound would be different as the old one.   As a Pro900 balance owner, I am pretty disappointed as the cable socket of the i-version has not been re-designed for the need of changing after market cable.
I just found the photo in a Japan website. No information can be confirmed. 
Thanks bro! I am too lazy to start a new threat for it!
Ultrasone updated its signature line.     It is shown in an exhibition in Japan last month. Neither retail price nor release is known.
As the discussion was on the cost of R&D and development, I was trying to provide another solution to the members which would cost less to obtain similar listening experience. You guys here have provided your views and appreciation to the R&D and the development, as a graduate student in Mathematics with my definitely non-profitable research topic, I am extremely pleased.   The R&D and development of new technology is what keep us improving our listening enjoyment, from...
Innovation and research take time and money. Although it might not be worth that 90% of the marked price, this particular amount is what keeps the R&D department and the researchers alive. If you feel uncomfortable paying your money to support the research and the development of new technology to your listening experience, I would recommend you to go to another section of this forum called DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions to built up a system or headphone yourself. The...
The cost of a product is not limited to the cost on the production and the materials used. New products and technologies do not come with no effort. Research always takes time and sources. When I spend money on a particular headphone, I not only pay for its cost on the production, but also my appreciation of the enjoyment it gives.
It seems that the new Denon teams up with Kimber to provide expensive upgrade cables.
 I own the AH-D600 also. The irregular shape of the headband has bothered me a lot in terms of the fit and comfort.From the past experience, the new version may not be as good as the old one (e.g. D1001 and D1100; D7000 and D7100).As Denon claims this product is to celebrate for its 50-years, I guess there would be a special edition for this headphone, just like the A100.
More information has been released by the famous headphone store e-earphone in Japan. The price would be 89,910円, which is about USD $853.   The look and feel is pretty much the same as the Fostex TH610. Just wonder how it sounds.   http://www.e-earphone.jp/blog/?p=60861
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