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My pair is still in the box and I have only them a few times.To me the RP-HD10 is a monitoring headphone with emphasis on the middle and the high but not the ultra-high.The quality of the bass (to me) is light and tight but you can feel them.The build quality is good and the comfort is excellent.The detail is so good that it makes this an unforgiving headphone, with poor source you might not have a good listening experience.This headphone is much superior to the SONY 1R or...
The original RP-HD10, with the MLF diaphragm, is not bassy or even bass-light, while the detail has been beautifully presented.   Unless they have improved the bass response, those tweeters are not worth the addition cost.
Panasonic has introduced a believe-to-be improved version of this headphone under the brand of Technics with an "Advanced MLF" diaphragm and an tweeter. But it asks for almost £1000. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/panasonic-unveils-technics-eah-t700-headphones-300137160.html
 http://www.whathifi.com/news/ifa-2015-technics-unveils-its-first-headphones-brands-2014-relaunch Just wonder how the Super Tweeter and the improved drivers could rise the price to more than 6 times.
Here are the information of the headphone   EAH-T700 Premium Stereo Headphones: Specifications Headphone Type Closed Driver & Diaphragm 50mm + Super Tweeter(ST) Advanced MLF + Aluminum Frequency Response 3Hz- 100kHz Headphone Adjustment Horizontal Slider /  Swivel Headband Slider / Housing Tilt Cord 1.2m 4N-OFC / 3.0m 4N-OFC 3.5 -> 6.3mm adaptor Balance connection Compatible Features and Technologies Natural Sound-field with...
Now it comes with a little brother RP-HD5. http://www.panasonic.com/de/consumer/home-entertainment/kopf-ohrhoerer/kopfhoerer/rp-hd5.html     I have tried to put on those headphones but can't get a chance to listen to them. I wonder how it sounds. The HD5 comes with a 1.2m NON-removable cable and seems that it does not use the ML-diaphragm  drivers. It is smaller in size comparing to HD10 and the ear pad are not as comfortable as the HD10. However, it just costs less...
 Waiting would not be painful if the repaired unit works fine and has no problems. My scenario is that I sent my defected unit and wait and got another defected unit and now what I can do is to wait. Thank you guy!
 I forgot to tell you guys my newly bought Z1000 have the same problem, even at very low volume. How can it pass the QC test? Luckily, the CS and the repair services is awesome. They are always kind and repair (change drivers) for me without asking silly questions. Those headphones have 1-year warranty only, not sure what will happen a few months later.
 Thank you guys! Last time they have replaced a pair of brand new drivers from Japan for me, so it means that I have faced two pair of "defected" drivers.I suspect the diaphragm itself have some surface tension due to the gluing so that rattle sound come from the unwanted movement of the diaphragm.If my guess is correct, the fully run-in unit have less possibility to have this problem. P.S. I am not an expert at this.  Once I ran test tones to see if two channels are...
My Z7 has been sent for a replacement AGAIN. The right channel produces rattle sound when 40Hz frequency are played while the left channel did not. Before sending my pair to SONY, I have taken out the speaker and confirmed that the rattle sound come directly from the driver itself but not the cables or the holes or the housing. Hope that my new unit has no problems.
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