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It is July now. Are there any news on the detachable cable version of the headphone?
From the Project Manager of the E-MU of this headphone series, they will offer a cable-delectable version of the TEAK headphone in the future (3 months). Will wait and see the newer version on  massdrop!
Here is a short review in a Taiwan forum.   http://www.andaudio.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=115589&start=5075#p1140847   The author claimed that the sound from these two headphones are not worth the asking prices and hence DO NOT recommend them.   P.S. I am not the author.
 Might order a pair to see if this work. Actually not many quality 3.5 female on the market
 Instead of the stock sockets, do you know which aftermarket socket can also fit well ?
Sometimes, headphone can have ridiculous problems. Recently I order this wooden headphone from TAOBAO and here is what it looks. https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.55.RbeF7I&id=525070083804&ns=1&abbucket=3&sku_properties=5919063:6536025   The package is very nice and the headphone is nicely built, at least at this price.       When this beauty is plugged into my computer, I can only hear mono sound. After checking the cable and the socket...
Finally I had time to mod this headphone. I replaced the stock cable with some solid "square" silver cable. The sound does change a bit, now it is more detail and the extension of both ends are improved.   However, one of the sockets may have been damaged when removing the cap, it cannot lock the plug of the cable as tight as another one. As a result, the socket cannot hold heavy DIY cables or even standard cables in portable use. Are there any replacement socket can be...
 I wonder if somewhere has to be removed when installing the socket.How is the socket installed? Is the cable inside modded too?
Been seriously interested in this headphone! Are there any more impressions?
Wish the re-dropped version would come with removable cable (just like the TH900MK2)
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