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The cable issue can be traced back to the Kimber cable that are designed specifically for Z7 and Z5.  When I found the sound signature of the Z7 is a bit dark and the its highs does not match the response of other frequencies, even with the the use of the upgraded cables, I looked into the inside of the cup and discovered the thin cable used in connecting the socket and the driver.  Together with the uncomfortable feeling when looking at the thin cable and the unusually...
From the advertisement there is one particular shot showing the cable connecting to the driver of Z1R. As one can see, the kind and thickness of the wire is disappointing regarding what is advertised in the NW-WM1Z.   Cable is known to be a part in the sound tuning. Mindlessly replacing cable may destroy the response of the frequency balanced by the manufacture. However, regarding the improvement of the highs by replacing the original thin internal wire by a solid...
Can anyone confirm what cable is used inside the headphone? (the once connecting the drivers and the sockets) Have been searching every photo on the Internet but no effort is made.
These are just the same as the Sony's. Sony sells replacement tips in their stores.
The CNC socket is even better than those in the new Fostex 610/900mk2!
Just to update you guys. Chan has posted a solution. It seems that they are going to add a CNC-metal on the ring to install a 2.5mm socket. Newer version is believed to be available in November.
Regarding the socket issue, Fostex tries to install them on the metal ring so as not to cup any part of the wooden cups (the in-between gap is really narrow). Common sockets are 3.5mm/2.5mm/mmcx/SMC/mini-XLR/... . MMCX is most likely to be a best choice. If E-MU wants to install a usual 3.5/2.5mm female socket inside, they might need to cut part of the wooden cups, which would lead to another problem: Previous sold ebony/rosewood cups may not be used on the detachable...
It is July now. Are there any news on the detachable cable version of the headphone?
From the Project Manager of the E-MU of this headphone series, they will offer a cable-delectable version of the TEAK headphone in the future (3 months). Will wait and see the newer version on  massdrop!
Here is a short review in a Taiwan forum.   http://www.andaudio.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=115589&start=5075#p1140847   The author claimed that the sound from these two headphones are not worth the asking prices and hence DO NOT recommend them.   P.S. I am not the author.
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