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Count me in! I'd love to demo some sweet gear, particularly closed cans. Do I just buy a ticket, and then my name winds up on the list for Saturday?   Gear I can bring: - Audio-gd C2 amp with upgraded op-amps - Audio-gd NFB-3 DAC - Grado SR125i   As for a digital source, I don't have my own computer, only a work computer, which I can't really bring. How would I demo the DAC for people who don't have a digital output on their mobile device?   I can leave...
I bought the two piece DAC & amp and set them up on my desk at home. I also set my old Little Dot 1+ up there for the photo op.        It is very easy to A/B test this because the computer quickly switches back and forth between the DAC and the sound card when I plug or unplug the USB cable, and there is a source switch on the amp.    A) Computer sound card to Audio-gd amp B) Audio-gd DAC + Audio-gd amp   A) Sounds great. Not remarkably different...
I've almost made up my mind about the local 2-piece setup, but I'm curious, is it fundamentally different from the Compass2? The larger form factor suggests that it's a step up. Obviously it's more flexible.
Thanks for the list. The Wyred4Sound unit looks solid but fails the fugly test. :-\ Or maybe passes is the right word.   This popped up today on the classifieds: http://www.head-fi.org/t/663115/fs-audio-gd-c2-amp-and-nfb-3-dac-combo The seller prefers local pickup, and he's 5 miles up the road from me. I could have it, like, now! How does this compare to the Compass2? Should I go for it?   Dan
This looks great. They even have 3 chips with slightly different characteristics to play around with. The website presentation could use a little help though. Is there a US distributor, or should I just email them at the listed address and send them a payment?    Also open to more suggestions. 
Hi guys,  I'm looking for a DAC & desktop amp setup that allows me to easily select the analog or digital input without switching around cables in back. Integrated or separate components is fine. It will live on my desk at work. They block Pandora at work, so in some situations I'm forced to stream over my Android, which doesn't have digital output capability (that I know of - please correct me if I'm wrong). Ideally I would have a digital cable (to computer) and an...
Sweet. So does the DAC-19 tell the computer to mute the speakers, or do I just play the music and hit the mute key?    Here's my sound control panel: The two output devices, and the properties dialogue box for one of them. I don't see anything suggestive of SPDIF.   http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y206/Ludemandan/sound.jpg   Dan
I'm thinking of getting an external DAC (Audio-DG DAC-19). I have a Dell Precision M4500 with only a headphone jack and firewire. Now maybe I'm Google challenged, but I can't seem to find a driver that would export through USB, or even figure out what sound card I have and whether I can upgrade to one with a native digital output. Can someone point me to the answers?   Thanks,   Dan
You're right, I'm talking about the 1+. I'm still at the bottom of the learning curve.   And the plot thickens: http://www.head-fi.org/t/606026/millet-max-hybrid-tube-amp   This looks like a good option too. http://www.head-fi.org/t/613211/little-dot-i-hybrid-amp-w-m8083-tubes-opa2107
Hi, this is my first post. I found this forum in my search for a desktop amp. I was thinking it would be nice to buy something off the classifieds, but then further research narrowed the preferences to a couple of amps that may not be listed currently, namely the Little Dot MK i+ and the HiFiMan EF-2A. Recommendations are all over the map, but these are among them and they are affordable. Of course, I'm still open to suggestions, or used offerings of higher end products....
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