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Selling my DAC & amp due to packing & moving. I like them a lot, but I'm forcing myself to part with as much stuff as I can.   The C-2 is first generation. Both units have been solidly reliable. Previously bought from thundeer in 2013.    All cables included: Power (x2), USB, ACSS (x2), RCA to 3.5mm for analog source, optical   Prefer local pickup in San...
No, just the Valvos. But this is an amp where you get what you pay for (not much).
Awesome, thanks, I'll stay subscribed. I've seen UARP in the Play store, but I didn't connect the acronym with the name. Maybe I'll be the first to use the S4/audio-gd combo.    I'd also love to find a way to use my phone via USB to the Audison BitOne DSP in my car. It can accept an optical input or a coax input, and has an onboard DAC. Maybe that's a different discussion for a different thread.
BTW, eXtream, I emailed you a while ago looking for an app like this after searching the Play store and finding nothing except your audio recorders.
Wait, hold everything. I just saw this thread. Are you guys telling me there's a way to get USB digital out from my Galaxy S4 to my Audio-gd DAC? I LOVE this forum! But I'm too lazy to search through 237 pages to figure out how to do it. Is there a summary somewhere? I'm running CM 10.2. 
Here is my LD1+, which I used for about a year. I ordered it with the EF92 tubes so they're the only ones I have. It's a great starter amp, although it's not like a high end amp. There is a noticeable noise floor if you turn up the volume with no music. When listening it is no longer noticeable. Ships in original styrafoam packaging (but not the original box), and of course the power cord. Shipping included to lower 48.   Dan
Here are my Alpha Dogs, with 1/4" plug. Lightly used, basically just to demo, and still 10/10 condition. Original packaging, carrying bag, stand, 3M microfiber, bass adjustment key, and literature. Bass adjustment screws are untouched. Tonally these sound excellent, balanced over the whole range, and the noise isolation from the 3D printed mesh cups is really outstanding. I'm still on the hunt for the right headphones for me.    I realize the price isn't much of a...
The DAC is far more important than the amp for Grado headphones, because they have such low impedance. I have SR125is, and going from my Dell sound card to an amp to the headphones doesn't add much, and they are both 32 ohms. That said I've never heard the EF2A, but I'd go with that, because the LD 1+ has an audible noise floor. 
For watching movies I think the easiest way to answer the question is, how important is SQ in this scenario? If there's slight signal degradation, you are the only person who will know, and even then you probably wouldn't care. If you're demoing headphones, that's probably another story.   I'd just make sure that the combined (i.e. divided) input impedance of both amps isn't less than say 16 ohms.
I haven't tried the first two, but I have a LD 1+ with the EF92 tube upgrade that I'm no longer using, so it's for sale. It's a great budget solution, not the quietest noise floor but it sounds great with my low impedance Grados.
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