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As I kneeled down with my M5's in the other day, the cord went over my knee and caused the right earbud to pull out of my ear as I stood up. It no longer worked when I put it back in, to my disappointment. I've since torn them apart. Through continuity testing, I've isolated the problem to be inside the earbud itself. This surprised me, as one would think such an incident would cause an issue with the wiring, whether it be a solder joint or a full or partial break in the...
  Awesome info.. thanks! I actually just bought the 250 ohm 770 Pros a couple days ago, and I'm doubting I'll be disappointed.
I've already ordered a pair, but what would you have suggested PurpleAngel?
No higher than around $300. I've already been eyeing a few at that range, but of course it's always useful to get an opinion from someone with the same frame of reference as your own, ideally someone who has experience with the same headphones.   Obviously cheaper is better, as long as it gets the job done.
I don't mean to hi-jack a thread, but the issue seems resolved here. I only ask because my question directly concerns these two headphones.   Since you guys have the M50s as reference, how would you compare the bass of the DT770s in comparison? I've also read variances of the 770s can be more or less bassy than each other.   I'm asking as someone who also has M50s and now a pair of HM5s. I'm contemplating the DT770s, depending on what you guys say about the bass.
I've been using M50s for general listening for quite a while now. I was curious as to how the HM5s sounded with all the shining reviews, and I'm not disappointed at all. I went into this knowing they were very neutral, so I'm definitely not here to complain about that fact. The M50s and HM5s are pretty much equal in my mind for very different reasons, at least as far as how often I'll use each goes.   The sound stage and mid/high clarity are obviously superior on the...
I've been waiting for a way to get a pair of FA-003's for a while now, but it's as if FA just stopped making them for some reason. Do any of you guys know of some less-known source or channel that I could grab a pair from? I do know about the OEMs, but many people have commented that the pads on the FA version are typically better. Thanks.
I'm set to buy a similar switch to the one in the OP, but the site I'm getting it from isn't taking orders for another day or so. Does no one have an opinion on what makes a "high quality" switch like this and what you think about the one linked?
Well I found a decent resource on explaining what ground loops fundamentally are, and even found a page that give exact scenarios when you would and would not run into noise due to ground loops.   It's a fantastic, quick read if any of you have a moment. Many of you may be aware of how this all works already. There are more links at the bottom, but these are the two I am specifically referring to.   write up   examples   So I'm almost 100% certain I won't...
I did a search, and I didn't find anything related specifically to this. I actually have two questions really.   I was enlightened to what impedance is and about how impedance imbalance occurs with a splitter. This can be solved by having both sources on at the same time, but I don't really want to have to think about that.   I've been looking around at potential switches, and this one seems to be of good quality from a decent manufacturer.   3.5mm Audio...
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