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You said it's not AS forward, but do you still consider it forward?
I'm looking for a forward, very clear midrange with sparkly, non fatiguing treble, and tight, extended subbass with a midbass bump. My unamped source is a laptop with a decent onboard soundcard, and Ipad 4 retina.
What earphone sounds better unamped, the KC06a or Fidue A63?
I just A/B'ed my HA-S680 and my modded JVC HA-S400. On treble shy songs, the S400 wins with clarity, but the JVC still sounds bigger and more detailed. But with treble heavy songs, the S680 sounds better. But do you know any mods I can do to bring the highs on the S680 more forward?
Maybe the Ostry KC06a is an option?
Can you please do a comparison on your Ipod Nano unamped? Because I don't have an amp..
Alright man, looking forward to it...
Hey I see you own the Philips SHE3580 and the Ostry KC06a, how do they both compare in sound unamped?
Hey how does the KC06a sound from your Iphone 5 without amp?
Well my thoughts are almost the exact opposite. Without burn-in, I do agree that they sound hollow, but after a certain amount of hours, they're everything but hollow, especially if you boost the treble up. But upperbass stays a bit boomy unfortanetly, and the imaging is off on the left driver. But those are my only 2 complaints about them. They're clearly better than my JVC HA-S400.
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