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I actually think that instrument separation is VERY good on the KC06a. Definitely one of it's strongest points.
CAL! is clearly better. Clearer sound, bigger soundstage, better imaging, more realistic sounding.
The CAL! are clearly better than the HD439. 
No, not these. The Creative Aurvana Live full size headphones, not the earphones. I don't know how those aurvana in ears sound, only the Aurvana Live! version.
They're definitely worth the money. I found them to be even clearer than the Sennheiser Momentum.
The Creative Aurvana Live has a similar sound signature to the KC06a, they only have less bass (but still enough), and have a more refined and clearer sound than the KC06a.
If I switch between my Creative Aurvana Live, and my KC06a, the Ostry's sound a bit veiled :p
Damnit, I should have gone with the regular KC06. The KC06a has too much bass for my liking, and I would also love a bit more refinement.
Creative Aurvana Live. Outstanding pair of headphones, especially for the price.
What do you mean by ''babied''?
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