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Is there a sound difference between different models of the Philips L2? The reason I'm asking is because when I got the L2 the first time, they were in a different box than the second time I bought them (and returned them because they were defect on the left grill, so my new pair I'm gonna use is arriving somewhere this week)?
My hearing is normal and just fine..
Yeah I meant clearer mids and highs over bass.
I do agree where you said that the NADs have superior extension on the bass compared to the CALs (the CALs don't really have good subbass, and the HP50s bass is way tighter). But I prefer a cleaner/clear sound more over clean bass, so that's why the CAL is more suited for me.
I don't think my pair was defective, as the person I sold it to said they sound excellent, only a bit dark.. I must hear different than the graphs then, because to my ears, the CAL is CERTAINLY a lot smoother and the HP50s too distant. But anyway, everyone's mileage varies. 
I don't find the CAL similar to the HP50s at all. The CALs are more upfront in the mids and energetic in the treble (a bit TOO upfront vocals compared to a neutral headphone) while I find the HP50s TOO distant and dark. Imo, a headphone like the Philips Fidelio L2 is a perfect middleground between the 2. Very clear highs, but not as emphasized as the CAL. More forward vocals than the HP50s, but less forward than the CAL (just a perfect middle ground) But yeah, this is all...
That's not true at all. Honestly, that is just stereotyping the genre. There is more to rap/hiphop than just vocals and bass. There are as many instruments in rap/hiphop as any other genre, with a lot of detail, instrument separation and imaging. I notice a huge difference from something like the Philips L2, Sennheiser Momentum and NAD Viso HP50 for rap/hiphop. Imo the HP50s don't do particularly well with voice music, because of their dark voicing and recessed vocals. But...
The rap/hiphop I listen to is A LOT more than just lyrics and bass.. If that was the case, I would just stick with my Ostry KC06a IEMs (which have a lot of quality bass and decent vocals, but not really refined mids and highs because of the big bass emphasis) I'm aware that a laptops onboard soundcard is bad. But that's why I'm only interested in great ''portable'' headphones that don't scale a lot. The HP50s were a perfect example (atleast what I've read) that sound...
I'm surprised because I thought the difference in sound between the CAL and the Momentum was VERY big, i.e the CAL having a lot more treble..
The CAL may be treble peaked yes, but it sounds very natural and with literally zero harshness and imo they're a lot cleaner/smoother as well in the uppermids/treble compared to the HP50s.
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