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How do those pads effect the sound compared to the stock pads?
So these earpads for my AD1000x arrived yesterday http://www.ebay.nl/itm/251699464310?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&var=550609323239&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT   And while it's WAY easier for me to get a proper fit now, the sound suffers in a negative way. Basically the upper mids get boosted, while the lower mids take a step back. On a lot of songs (except songs that are vocal forward) the vocals just seem recessed... Which is a pity, because I can get an easy fit so...
With medium Comply T-500 tips in reverse, they give a very good sound, with good clarity (not excellent) but everything sounds so natural through them. Clarity isn't the best you can get at this price point, but with the Comply tips in reverse it's still good nontheless. They don't really have any weakness in the sound imo. Just a clear, natural sound, and that's what makes them so good.
The HE-400i sounded good through my smartphone and iPad 4 without any amp/dac. Very clear, and not harsh unless the recording was harsh. While the HD-700 simply was unlistable through my smartphone. Just pure treble harshness is all I've heard.
I tried the HD-700 out of my smartphone 2 years ago, and they were absolutely unlistable. Extremely harsh
Yeah, I used medium and medium-large spiral dot tips on the Rockets, with the difference being the medium-large having more bass than the medium size. I think coming from a very clear IEM like the Etymotic, you'll first find them warm and lacking treble energy (like I had) but after a few days (and especially coupled with a amp/dac) they'll sound very smooth and good in timbre, while still having good clarity.
I must say though, that the Rockets work REALLY well with the HRT Microstreamer. That extra clean treble energy of the Microstreamer makes the Rockets sound VERY natural and clear.
I also have that problem with silicone eartips that the seal is either way too tight, or too loose.   But medium Comply T-500 reversed work best for me with a good seal (still not great) and good sound.   JVC spiral dot tips give the best sound though, but not a good seal.
Yes, they're bright, but the quality of the highs is great. They don't get harsh to my ears, only if the recording was like that. I actually like present treble, it makes music sound more alive.. And this is running them just from an Ipad 4...
So I tried the medium Comply S500 foam tips reversed on the rockets, and while they sound good in the mids and highs and the seal is good, they lose all of their bass with those tips on (upside down). Does anyone else had this issue? Silicone eartips have the best sound, but they won't seal very well (either way too tight or too loose). While those comply foam tips had excellent seal in my ears. So does anyone know another foam tips that seal well AND have good bass...
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