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The only thing that's bothering me at this point is that the bass is very boomy on a lot of songs. Is there any mod I can do to tame the bass without sacrifising any mids or highs?
So after some more burn in, they sound mind blowing good.
Yes, removing the dust filter AND making the holes larger will allow the headphone to sound more forward and cleaner as well. If you leave the K81 on them like that, they sound too recessed in the midrange for my taste. You can burn them in with both pads, it doesn't matter.
Not sure about the first earpads, but the second ones are the right ones. Make you sure you let them burn in for atleast 200 hours or more, and remove the dust filter from the K518 pads and make the holes in the pads bigger by extending them with your fingers.
They look pretty angled to me.
They're very comfortable actually when not listening to music, but when the music starts, the music in the left earpad starts to hurt my left ear, even when the volume is very low. Clamping pressure is absolutely not the issue. Because the left eardpad sits very different than the right earpad. And whatever I tried, I couldn't get the left earpad to sit right. I did have the exact same issue with the Philips X1, which has angled pads as well. So I guess angled pads are not...
I'm at the point were the left earcup sits so annoyingly on my ears, that they actually hurt the inside of my left ear if I'm playing music with bass on them. Who else has this problem?   I think it is because of the angled pads, because I had the same problem with the Philips X1.   If it wasn't for that annoying problem, they would be very good headphones.
I don't think they have too much bass as of right now, but I don't consider them neutral either. They have like a 4 or 5 dB boost in the bass. But the bass they have, is a bit bloated and undefined. I'm hoping this will improve with burn in. I'm also hoping that they will sound really good on all songs with burn in, not just on some songs.
So I got these in a few hours ago and I've been listening to them since then.   The left earcup fits awkwardly on my ear unfortanetly, which makes the sound on the left earcup a bit weird.   Comfort is very good.   Onto the sound: They have around 5 hours of burn in, and they sound a tiny bit better than straight out of the box.   On some songs, they actually sound as good or better than my modded JVC HA-S400 already. But on most songs, they sound decent to bad....
My onboard soundcard sounds clearly better than the Realtek one I had in my previous laptop. I have an IDT High Definition Audio CODEC soundcard, and it sounds better than my phone. But by more realistic, I mean that they sound more natural, more lifelike. For instance I found the vocals on the X1 (with my IDT HD Audio CODEC soundcard and my phone) to sound a bit unnatural, especially when I compared them to the HA-S400. But we are going offtopic here.  Anyways, the JVC...
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