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Do you want to trade them with my Audio Technica AD1000x in great condition?
Do you want to trade them for my Audio Technica AD1000x?
Are those the ones with screw-in adapter or 2.5 mm plug-in cable?
I have the AD1000x right now, but I used to own the HE-400i for a few weeks. They sound rather similar actually, differences being with the HE-400i having a better timbre (more natural sounding instruments and voice) slightly less clarity (but still a ton of clarity) and less uppermids. I preferred the sound of the HE-400i, it sounded more natural to me (the AD1000x still sounds very natural however, it's just that the HE-400i sounded so beautifully natural, it was rather...
I think the housing of those c-nano headphones is bad, they make the sound too bassy/lower mids heavy and congested, but the actual drivers produce amazing sound, easily worth $200 imo.
Definitely. The drivers of those carbon nanotube cans are amazing.
At that price, the Creative Aurvana Live is awesome.  It sounds really natural and clear, but without any harshness at all. 
I find the upper mids of the AD1000x slightly too forward lately (wasn't like this when I first got them), the KC06 still has good uppermidrange presence, it just sounds a bit less and more refined than that of the AD1000x. Treble quality on the KC06 is still top notch, it's just that the AD1000x has one of the cleanest treble out there, but the KC06 isn't far behind at all. I found the bass on the KC06 more punchy and a bit tighter than the AD1000x, but the AD1000x is...
Have you heard the Ostry KC06 IEMs? They sound like the AD1000x with less uppermids (but more natural sounding uppermids) with slightly less treble quality, but same quantity and a bit more bass, but the bass quality of the KC06 is a bit higher imo. They cost like $40  But the instrument separation, imaging and soundstage is way better on the AD1000x (as expected really, full size open vs IEM) but at that price the KC06's sound is just magnificent imo. They literally...
I can recommend the hifimediy sabre usb dac 2. I only have the DAC version of the bundle, but the sound quality is amazing for the price, just slightly lagging behind my 3x more expensive HRT Microstreamer. They'll sound even better with that amp that comes in the dac 2 version combined.
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