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I can safely say that (without an EQ anyway) the Uptowns sound better than them.
Hmm alright thanks. I don't want the BT or NC version, I just want the version with the best sound.
Did the mids and highs of the MK2 improve aswell, if so, in what way did the mids and highs improve?
I like the stock pads more than the AKG pads. The AKG pads lose out too much detail in the midrange, because they recess the midrange.
I got them from, a dutch headphone website. If it SURELY makes the sound better, I'm willing to cut the foam open with a knife.
Yeah, its permanently attached to the earpads.. Should I just use a knife and cut them out or something?
What is the best way to remove them without screwing it up?
No, I just used the AKG pads as how they are supossed to. But how do I use the foam in the pads? Can you explain that to me please?  Maybe with pics aswell?
So right now I'm listening with the K81 pads. Compared to stock, the forward midrange took clearly a step back in the presentation, the 500 and 1000Hz spike isn't there anymore, they have more bass, separation is better, but they're less clear and lack details compared to stock pads.   With stock pads, they were quite detail monsters and sometimes had a VERY clear sound to them. That magic sound they had sometimes, is gone now for a less detailed, less clear, less...
These leak very little, even at medium volumes
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