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I'm wondering if there is a difference between the 2014 and 2015 versions...
What version are those? And how do they sound?
Mine should arrive in between 2 weeks. I really hope these are like the HE-400i but with a lot smoother treble
How does the Meze 99 Classic compare to the Listen soundwise?
The Focal Listen is slightly brighter than neutral, but exceptionally well refined (they're not harsh at all) The bass is weak though, but seems to come up more with burn-in (maybe it's me getting more used to the signature instead of the bass actually coming forward, but more time will tell) I think you would love the Philips Fidelio L2, they're very slightly less bright and clear than the Listen, have about the same amount of refined mids and highs, but are punchy in the...
So I've been listening to these since a few hours.   I must say, they're REALLY refined. That's what striked me the most, they almost have no grain, and a very sweet, clear and natural sound that is forgiving even with lesser recordings (because of the lack of grain)   I did except them to have more bass though. To me, the emphasis is slightly south of neutral.   The Focal Spirit Pro I used to own almost 2 years ago, had A LOT more grain, and had a lot less treble....
What Shure headphone do you consider to have forward vocals?
Does the EL8 open have forward vocals?
Just ordered the Listen because of your comment of the vocals being upfront
I'm using the Geek Out 450 USB amp/DAC, through my laptop.
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