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I don't have comfort issues with them as well, it's just that the imaging gets a little off if I don't fit them properly on my head (and it takes a bit to adjust them properly, which is my only real con).I bought and returned the X1 for 2 times, because of an channel imbalance issue. The HP50s never impressed me and the Focal Spirit Pro were good, but too revealing sounding. The L2 however, sounds better than the headphones I mentioned above. And this is the first time I'm...
I'm really starting to doubt if the vocals are really recessed, or that it's just recessed compared to the Creative Aurvana Live (which in a direct A/B comparison sounds too boosted and veiled in the vocals, when before I got the L2, they were the clearest headphones I ever heard)   The L2 is really growing on me. Most of the time, they sound just ''right'' to my ears. Good amount of bass that's not overpowering but VERY tight, neutral if ever so slightly recessed...
If I order that cable from Amazon.de it gets too expensive (23 euro's) Is this the same cable as you showed me on Amazon? http://exaaio.com/product/cordial-mini-jack-cable-cfs-3-ww/
Do you notice a difference in sound quality between the stock cable and the Cordial one? If so, what is the difference to your ears?
The standard soundcard of my laptop is a IDT High Definition Audio Codec. But I removed that one a few weeks ago because I couldn't use a program called Equalizer Apo with them. And Equalizer Apo works with the Microsoft HD audio codec. But I really didn't hear ANY difference in sound between the IDT HD audio codec and the standard microsoft soundcard. Btw, would this cable do the...
But despite the recessed vocals, I must say that these the only headphones I had until now, that make my Creative Aurvana Live sound artificial in a direct A/B comparison.   For reference; the Focal Spirit Pro and the NAD Viso HP50 couldn't do that.
I'm using the standard Microsoft HD soundcard from my laptop.
I've read those pages, but they don't mention a website where I can buy a cable that makes the vocals more upfront. Can anyone recommend me a good cable that makes the vocals more upfront relative to the stock cable? I really love the sound, but the recessed vocals sometimes bother me.
I have a random 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable here, and I tried it on the L2. It seems to bring the vocals more forward, but the treble quality gets a bit worse and darker.
I definitely like how ''clean'' these headphones sound.
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