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So I'm using the onboard audio of my laptop right now, and..... the vocal placement is more forward than my other 2 amp/DACs!? It's a lot less detailed and less clean yes, but the vocals are actually placed more forward, at what I would consider a normal level.
I've actually noticed that the vocals on these headphones get more upfront or distant depending on the recording, rather than being constantly distant...   Did someone else notice that as well, or is it just my imagination?
What EQ software do you recommend? I'm using Equalizer PRO and Equalizer APO together right now, I have the best results when both are on at the same time.
New snippet. That pronunciation though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz8TEte51H0
Are there any amps around $200 that have a smooth, natural, vocal forward sound sig? Because the treble right now is good on the HE-400i with the EQ I've applied, only problem is the vocals seem to be drowned out a bit because of the reduction in lower treble/upper mids.    The Hifimediy Sabre DAC is excellent for the HE-400i, only problem is that it's not powerful enough to drive them to good volumes.
So since yesterday, is the 2nd time that I own these headphones (used to own them the first time in April 2016, but had to sell them because of financial reasons) and I could SWEAR that when I owned them the first time, they sounded better than now, and at that time they were connected to my iPad with no amp/dac, opposed to now, with the HRT Microstreamer.   The biggest difference being that on the first model, they were A LOT less harsh in the lower treble, like I...
Selling my Microstreamer for $100. Pm if interested
What are some IEMs under $100 that have a great and easy fit, with a balanced, natural sound sig?   I have the KC06 right now, and while I'm perfectly happy with it's sound, the right piece keeps falling out of my ear due to a bad fit.
What do you guys think of this song, at the part that starts at 1:24? And yes, he didn't breathe. https://youtu.be/kskotmdOAJc?t=1m24s
Is that a global equalizer for Windows? If so, what's the name for that equalizer?
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