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This is a really good Jazz track that sounds awesome with the KC06a:  
What amp/DAC where you using with the Spirit Pros?
Have you heard the Focal Spirit Professional?
Hmm alright, very interesting... Maybe the amp/DAC combo from Music Alchemist didn't have good synergy with the Spirit Pros, and the Geek out does. What is your laptops onboard soundcard name?
I would say the FSP has a slight ^-- sound signature. Slightly boosted bass with neutral mids and highs to my ears.
What exactly are those differences that you hear?
Daaaaaamn, that means I will get absolutely mind blown if I listen to your slightly modded MT220, since I don't find the FSP recessed in the mids or dull sounding.
If you listened to the MT220 stock and your ears in the middle, does the MT220 have more recessed mids that way than the FSP, or does the FSP still sound more recessed in the mids anyway?
Daaaamn, you got some cash 0_o. What amp/DAC do you use with your Spirit Pros? And do you notice any difference between no amp/DAC on the Spirit Pros and with amp/DAC?
Oh alright. The reason I asked that is because he said very similar things about the Spirit Pros like you said, for instance that he would be totally happy with owning just one Spirit Pro and no other headphones.
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