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When Im connecting my Audio Technica AD1000x to my Microstreamer, I hear an annoying buzzing sound. I don't have that problem with my Samsung IEMs, but hear that same buzzing sound with my Ostry KC06a IEMs. How can I make that sound dissapear?
Sorry, never heard the X2. I can only compare them to the X1 from memory. Basically the L2's sounded better to me than the X1 in every single way, except imaging and soundstage.
I owned them for more than 6 months. They're excellent for gaming, they have a very tight fast rumbling subbass and tight, textured elevated mid-bass, decent soundstage, great imaging, very clear and sparkly highs without any grain/sibilance at all, and very natural, smooth neutral mids.Soundwise when I EQ'ed the bass slightly down, they were literally perfect for me, but that's because I like a neutral fr, and without EQ the bass is a bit too emphasized for my taste. Very...
I think you should try the Philips Fidelio L2. They'll have the exact sound you're describing. Natural, upfront, extemely clear with no sibilance and tight rumbling sub bass and midbass.
I can recommend the Aurisons rockets with Comply T-500 tips placed in reverse
Yeah it was the pads on the left side of my ear being more distant than the right side... The headphones are not defect. These are AMAZING headphones, they're very underlooked here on head-fi.
It seems like the left side of my AD1000x is very slightly quieter than the right side since a few days... Anybody know how that became and how I can fix it?
For sale is my Aurisonics Rockets IEM. They're in excellent condition, and they come in the original box with all the stock eartips, 3 pieces of tri-tabs (1 piece extra, had it laying around here), and a clean carrying pouch (which is never used) from my previous Ostry KC06a, because I lost the original carrying pouch. The only thing missing is the anti-loop set.   They're truly endgame sounding IEMs, delivering a very clean and natural sound without any harshness...
How does the T3 compare to the regular KC06 and Aurisonics Rockets? I currently have the Aurisonics Rockets, but I'm selling them because I can't keep a good seal with them for more than a few seconds. I'm thinking of buying either the KC06 (loved the KC06a, and I remembered them fitting great) or Dunu Titan T3. I'm looking for good timbre, clarity with least amount of harshness and upfront mids. I like the bass to be around neutral level. Basically the Aurisonics Rockets...
Yes, it's in excellent condition btw, no scrathes nothing works perfectly as well. For those wondering why I'm selling them, is because I'm getting really stressed with them because the right ear keeps falling out of my ear. Such a big shame man, because the sound is truly endgame.
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