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I want the limited version of the se535 that comes with an extended treble. However, only the asian versions actually have a difference in sound, the american versions are just a different color. How can I buy one of these?
The problem is I'm 16 so I haven't fully grown yet, and I would eventually outgrow a custom IEM. In the future I'll definitely get one though.   To everyone recommending me the IE80, I'm afraid it won't have enough isolation for me. I should have mentioned this above, I want an IEM with at least decent isolation. So I guess my main options are the SM3/SM64, Westone 4, UM3X, and Shure 535 ltd. btw, has anyone tried the Miles Davis Tributes? They seem to fit my criteria...
I don't really care that much about budget, so if there is a better IEM that costs more, I would take it. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll look into it.
Hi guys, sorry for creating another thread, I changed my mind a bit about my preferences. This is what I'm looking for in the IEM:   -I listen mainly to vocals (mostly male), rock, heavy metal, and some soundtrack.   -I want the IEM to be mid-centric. I want the mids to be lush, thick, and "creamy" but not bloated in any way.   -I want a lot of bass. I want the bass to have impact and a slam factor, but it doesn't need to be exaggerated as long as it has...
The FX700 is open though, I'm looking for an IEM that isolates well and doesn't leak.
Do they perform well with rock and heavy metal?
I heard the UE900 is really basslight, I'm afraid it will sound a little thin.
Well, I don't really mind the bass not having that much slam as long as the IEM sounds thick. I also read somewhere that the W4 sounds a bit thin and lean when compared to the UMX3 or other bassy and mid-centric IEMs, would you say thats true? I also read that it sound a bit boring and less musical when compared to the UMX3 (although thats very subjective), would you say this is true as well? I don't really need it to have a WOW factor, but on the other hand I want it to...
I'm looking for a new IEM, my budget is 400 dollars, but I might stretch it if necessary. I want the IEM to be very lush and intimate, and I want it to sound "think". One of the main things I want to avoid is a lean or thin sounding IEM, I want it to sound very thick and lush. I want a lot of bass (enough to make it lush, intimate, and thick) and I want mids to be the focus of the IEMs sound signature. I want it to sound thivk and lush, but I don't want it to sound...
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