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Hi,   I'm in Germany and want to buy two of this IEM. which one do you advise?   I'll appreciate if you check the links:   SHE 3580 Black - €14     (here) SHE 3570BK/10 - €11.75 (here)   there is no photo for second one (SHE3570) !! but the seller is top rated!!   Thanks
Hi mates, Is there any difference between SHE3580s and SHE3580?   Just want to buy two from for €13.98.   thanks
Thanks Jim, Hope to receive friends comments :)
Hi all,   Glad to join with you and write the first post. I'm in Germany and want to buy two in-earphones. One around 10~15 Euro (for my sister) and one for myself up to 50 Euro.   My ideals are: Pop music (like: Dj Vacker “all for you”,,, Dj Alligator “Turn Up The Music”; Inna “Sun is up”). Never listen to rock & metal. Y-Cord Sound: heavy and good quality bass (not boomy), clear and detailed treble (the best sound signature that can fly the...
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