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For 300 dollars they don't. lol Not sure on the pros or is it studios. He has the second one form top tier.   Err.. Just googled it. He has studios not pros.
Thanks bro. 
Sorry for being pissy guys, thanks for your help and options. Been a long month if you will. lol
Anyone else? Enough with the "Don't change your buddy's mind schpeal.", and no he hasn't heard anything else. I'm driving him to an audiophile store tomorrow to try other options. I told him if I couldn't find him a better headphone lunch was me, if I did lunch was on him. A friendly wager between friends, I'm not some headphone screaming troll. But no, the beats he has - - pros I think, not studios - - sound weak for what he likes and for the price. Edit. No I did not...
Have you ever listened to them? He spent 250 on them and they sound horrible. Would you let your friends waste money and get shafted by mainstream hype? He bought them because they were 30 bucks off. I explained to him he could get better for less money that would be more enjoyable for the music he listens to.
I was looking into K550 or Ultrasone 750 as those have been recommended to me in other threads I've posted for myself. 
Hey all. Is there an audiophile store in Pittsburgh?
I'm still new to the audiophile world but. I listened to his Beats and they sound flat. Flat lows, sharp highs, so so mids. He listens to Dubstep and I am trying to convince him to get an amp. Should he get an amp or a dac btw? I think he could get one or the other and some decent cans for 300.
I was telling m50s and a DAC would be his best option.
So my buddy just bought himself some Dre Beats. I asked him what his price limit was and he said $300. I asked him if he wanted an amp and DAC and he said no. He also said he didn't want to walk around with an amp so... Not sure where to go with this. He wants to use his phone for music and wants some bassy cans. I was thinking of the Velodyne vPulse but those are ear buds. Anyone have any ideas?
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