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That is sexy.So I read HFI 580 and 780 are different in that the 780s have a muddy base but refined high while the 580s sub 200 sound great while the highs lack.So I guess I'm down to the Ultrasones or DTs. I hear the AiAiAi are intense. If anyone has heard the 700 lmk. Thanks all.
So no one for ath m50s or ath pro 700? What about CALs? I hear their good. I just wanted a decent closed back headphone with bass. I listen to classic rock and dubstep. Country as well. . These cans will be mostly used for dub as I have some Q701 and vPulse ear buds.
So I've spent the last few hours of the night reading and scouring through all these threads on bass headphones and dubstep but i cant find anything that pertains to me. Budget: 250USD max, probably about 150-200 though. Music: Dubstep - Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Emalkay, Little Jinder, DeadMau5, Zeds Dead, Nero, Blue Foundation, etc. (Skrillex is garbage) Type: Over the ear cans, closed obviously. Preferred Brand: None really. I was leaning toward a few. ATH Pro 700MK2,...
Epic. Glad to hear your happy with it. I think I will be buying the Pro 700MK2.
Look up LGR (Lazy Gamer Reviews) on youtube about a full in depth look into it  He talks about all they do, the changes good and bad, etc. 
Never heard of it but if it's a fan based game off HL series then, IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That's what mine look like.        If you are still looking for an amp I use the Objective 2 (O2) and it sounds amazing with the AKG Q701.     Anyone know any decent closed back headphones for a good immersive play feelings?    DT 770s, Pro700 MK2, Ultrasone 750s, Denon 2000, AKG K550, etc.? Can anyone recommend any of these?
I wanted to show my friend some bassy headphones, ones better than his beats he currently has. A store that has some lower end hi-fi as opposed to electrostatic and the like.   ATH M50s, DT 770s, etc. I guess Beyr, ATH, AKG, Senn, Denon, etc. Nothing high priced like STAX or Woo lol. I hope that makes sense.
    Thanks!       Also thanks everyone for the positive help.
For 300 dollars they don't. lol Not sure on the pros or is it studios. He has the second one form top tier.   Err.. Just googled it. He has studios not pros.
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