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I've been wanting some K550s for awhile now but I hear mixed reviews. I really want to listen to a pair. Which of all these cans seal the best too? But yeah I'd love D2000s or K550s with an e17.
That is sexy.So I read HFI 580 and 780 are different in that the 780s have a muddy base but refined high while the 580s sub 200 sound great while the highs lack.So I guess I'm down to the Ultrasones or DTs. I hear the AiAiAi are intense. If anyone has heard the 700 lmk. Thanks all.
So no one for ath m50s or ath pro 700? What about CALs? I hear their good. I just wanted a decent closed back headphone with bass. I listen to classic rock and dubstep. Country as well. . These cans will be mostly used for dub as I have some Q701 and vPulse ear buds.
So I've spent the last few hours of the night reading and scouring through all these threads on bass headphones and dubstep but i cant find anything that pertains to me. Budget: 250USD max, probably about 150-200 though. Music: Dubstep - Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Emalkay, Little Jinder, DeadMau5, Zeds Dead, Nero, Blue Foundation, etc. (Skrillex is garbage) Type: Over the ear cans, closed obviously. Preferred Brand: None really. I was leaning toward a few. ATH Pro 700MK2,...
Epic. Glad to hear your happy with it. I think I will be buying the Pro 700MK2.
Look up LGR (Lazy Gamer Reviews) on youtube about a full in depth look into it  He talks about all they do, the changes good and bad, etc. 
Never heard of it but if it's a fan based game off HL series then, IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That's what mine look like.        If you are still looking for an amp I use the Objective 2 (O2) and it sounds amazing with the AKG Q701.     Anyone know any decent closed back headphones for a good immersive play feelings?    DT 770s, Pro700 MK2, Ultrasone 750s, Denon 2000, AKG K550, etc.? Can anyone recommend any of these?
I wanted to show my friend some bassy headphones, ones better than his beats he currently has. A store that has some lower end hi-fi as opposed to electrostatic and the like.   ATH M50s, DT 770s, etc. I guess Beyr, ATH, AKG, Senn, Denon, etc. Nothing high priced like STAX or Woo lol. I hope that makes sense.
    Thanks!       Also thanks everyone for the positive help.
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