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Bro,  I read the first post a good while ago. Don't give me that.....  lol
I use my Q701s for classic rock, etc. I also want to purchase some K550 for the in between and probably....    DT770 pro 80, ATH Pro 700MK2, or maybe some Ultrasone 780. Not sure on the bassier cans yet. I know from MLE that the DT770 pro 80 are good for positioning and have decent bass. I was leaning towards those as they can double for when I want closed back gaming. I also read the 700 have huge bass for dub and the 780 have a more refined feel with good bass.    Or am...
So for about 150-200 dollars.. Good dubstep, or electronica cans? Stuff like NERO, Flux, Rusko, Emalkay, Little Jinder, Deadmau5, Blue Foundation, etc.
DT770 pro 80s have good bass and positioning? Did not know... I was thinking of some for dubstep and to use when my wife watches here comes Honey Booboo....Also I really really really want to try those K550 if anyone knows any stores that sell them. E.G. major stores, best buy, etc.
I'm trying to manage my finances but I want some decent closed backs with bass for school
Never heard them myself.
We watch that show.
Lol. I should have specified. I want 550s because they sound great and isolate well. My wife watches crappy tv so I wanted decent headphones to block out the horrible teen mom, 16 and pregnant and all the other shows she watches. lol
You misunderstand. Not beats, real headphones. 580/780, DT 770, AiAiAi, XB 500, etc. Ones with decent bass not flat, muddy, or punchy.No worries mate.He said it better than I could. Lol. Flat, boring, muddy, punchy, sharp, scratchy, open, wide, narrow, warm, fun, cold, calculating, dull, bright, etc. I have learned a lot of adjectives for describing headphones since I've been here.By boomy you mean punchy? Does the bass have a painful feel or just an overbearing feel?
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