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You know I thought it looked off but I don't know enough to say different so. ! Thanks for helping. These phones sound great for liquid dubstep btw.   
  If the vTrue are anything like the vPulse IEMs you'll love them. I hate the vPulse on how their ear cushion has a molding line right in the middle. It rubs the inside of my ears (which obviously are sensitive) so it gives them some irritation but the bass on those IEMs for $100 is better than that DreBeat crap for $300.       (This is one of my first reviews)     Moving on. Just got my FiiO E17 Alpen in and it's charger. I'm also burning in these Pro700 MK2 right at the...
Ive been eyeballing it for months. I also bought it because I wanted a DAC that doubled as an amp. I love my O2 but having a dac for my xbox will come in very handy lol. I use the astro mix amp for DH and with a dac I can make footsteps louder.Also it's an incredible amp/dac for portable use. I use an EQ app on my DROID razor but I'm hoping I can double the effectiveness and quality with the e17. That and I was afraid the phone wouldn't power the pro 700MKII enough and the...
Just ordered the Pro 700MKII and the FiiOe17.
Stuck on two. DT 770 pro 80 or Pro 700 MK2.
I have a dumb question. Why is daisy chaining mixamps useful?
Not that bad Imo. I don't need Skrillex to pop up on iHeart Radio and start that garbage screaming with bright headphones on. LOL!Agreed.Me too.Okay. Time to argue a bit. Dubstep vs. Brostep. Is there such a thing or is it more old school UK dubstep vs. American new age dubstep?I like to think the latter because brostep makes me feel like a PollyD tool listening to something called "Brostep". Is Brahstep next? Overly excessive bass drops followed by bright treble and...
Not sure to the word dark. lol elaborate.Edit. I love the 53mm driver part.
I know that. I was commenting how you've updated again. Also I don't remember reading about the DT770 being bassy and position which as you put I find quite an odd conundrum. Here is amazing positioning! Now we drown it out with bass..... Reminds me something Dr. Strangelove would say.
Anyone listen to the pro 700MK2 or another obscure headphone? I want to find those less bought headphones and see how they go over the mainstream editions. Dunno why... The 50th an version looks sweet btw.
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