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Oh. I was just wondering how bassy the 780s are. I was getting recommend on other threads the TMA are really good but oh well. No I haven't tried any other headphones and these pads do suck. The first thing I noticed is how my ears rubbed against the drivers. I'll play your game Mr. Bond and order some of these gel pads... Have you or anyone tried the new 600 and 800 yet?
Hey so what's the difference between the Unbalanced and Balanced Ultrasone Pro 900.   Unbalanced   Balanced
I didn't say lack bass, I said they lack heavy bass. Put them up to some sony XB series.   I swear my vPulse IEMs have more bass and my buddy's beats have more bass as well though these are more controlled. These are nice as monitors but lack for basshead phones imo.     Anyone know how the AiAiAi-TMA1 compare or even the Ultrasone 780 series?
This thread is dead bro. Also the Pro700 suck and the XB1000 are dinner plates.   I'd recommend the Ultrasone 780s, DT770s, DT990s, M-Audio Q40, etc.
Double post. Dumb phone.
Ive got those. The sub bass isn't that impressive imo. Unless you dj or sound mix ide say pass. I also use the E17 with these but they don't need amped at all. I find my eq just fine but I'm selling mine because they lack heavy sub bass.
NEVER FEAR!! I AM HERE!   *Crickets...*   First of I have to give AbsoluteNoob a repost here.       That was his PM to me, but I don't think I am qualified enough to answer your question ABN!   I could recommend some cans but at the price you have I am not sure I would do you justice and more or less sell you short. I'd honestly say get a decent amp for $100 and then spend the other 250 on cans or go 200/150 in terms of phones to amp. In my experience with bass cans -...
Answer these:1. Type/Style of music.2. Preferred type of bass and amount.3. Price = 350 CAD and below?4. Type of phones? IEM, on ear, over ear?5. What kind of sound is most important? Punchy bass, crisp mids, dull highs? As in besides bass, what other attribute should it have?6. Any other details you think we should know.Also.7. Do you have an amp?After that we can narrow down a type of headphone you would prefer, 350 bucks covers a nice range of phones.
I don't care how many grammys Skrillex has, his music all sounds the same and is aggravatingly annoying with the constant screaming. Besides I think he has five grammy now. Call of Duty MW3 won tons of awards and yet it still sucks horribly.   P.S. I have some Velodyne vPulse IEMs that have very nice bass for only $100.     Anyways I ended up buying the Pro700MK2 and a E17 dac/amp. Love the E17 but I will probably see if I can't sell off these Pro700 or ship them back to...
No sure. The E17 is a nice DAC/AMP combo for 150ish. The ZO2 is a subwoofer or so they say. I'm am not sure how well it amplifies or even drives any pair of headphones but I can tell you the E17 is very nice. Treble and Bass control, digital to analog converter, and it comes with TONS of options. I'd say a decent EQ app on your phone or source with the added bass freq you can use on the E17 will do you fine.          Sounds like you could always trial the ZO2 and enjoy it...
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