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 so as for amps MixAmp Pro?... or maybe the Objective 2?
I was thinking about the K702, but I heard a few people can notice a slight difference between them on the sound stage. I for one am not an audiophile guru so I think I'll stick with the 02.
So if I get the Mix Amp, and O2 amp, and K701/702 I can even hook up a mic no problem?   Im guessing it would go to Mix Amp, O2 Amp, then to the Cans and Mic. correct?
Are there any real 5.1 or 7.1 amps for gaming that allow sound to sound clear like this too?
So ignore the Astro Mix Amp, etc. I was originally going to get the O2 amp but now I am not sure.
So how much different are these two amps or can I use these in conjunction with my K702 together?    Use the O2 to power the K702 and Mix Amp Pro for 7.1?
I was thinking of getting the K702 because you can replace the cable and I like the color better, but how does the sound stage differ between the two?
Oh what kind of cables do I need to get everything to work correctly?   I was going to get the Objective 2 Amp, AKG K702, XJacker to be able to use on xbox, Zalman Mic, and the Astro MixAmp for 7.1 imitated.    So everything look good?
How are the turtle beach DSS or the trittons?
Thanks for that heads up, but which SS amp do you recommend?
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