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Pfft... Don't need to hear any cries for help unless it's to bring more wub to my dub.
I own the vPulse. I'd say you feel it in your eardrums but not your brain as opposed to say maybe XB1000, in which you feel it in your cervical. 
Atrio MG7 Thread   Velodyne vPulse Thread         And... Super IEM Thread.
WHAT!? Made no sense..
This will improve our bass!!  
Bass IEMs I really like my wife's Velodyne vPulse. It comes with a mic and inline sound control but they don't work on my phone. As far as bass they are super sexy and cancel out noise very well. The problem with them is their ear bud pads are crap imo so I'd look into getting better ear cushion/pad thingies.   But yeah they're only $100 and super bassy imo.
Most excellent good sir, I shall order these promptly. I will hold off on selling my cans because I really am starting to think these phone are a dynamic, burn in demanding set of cans. So far the more I burn these in the better they sound immensely.    P.S. Know any discount codes?        Edit: Holy hell brother. It's going to cost 52 bucks for some ear pads. 15 shipping and 37 for the pads... 
So. What is the general consensus for best ear pads for the Pro700MK2?     Also I will say this: The are possibly one of the most dynamic headphones I've ever heard. That being said, what I mean is, these cans get immensely better when you burn them in. Don't let first impressions fool you like they fooled me. I swear out of all the burn in headphones there are these must be way up on that list. When I first got them a week or so ago the bass was marginal, flat,...
From what I've heard a buddy of mine say these ear pads will increase the quality and quantity of the bass by a huge margin.
@Trae.   I take that back from earlier. The more I burn in these cans the more bass I can get. I have noticed if you EQ these well or correctly they can really sound much clearer. I guess I just want so much bass my brain liquefies in my skull for a few hours a day. I guess I want to feel the bass a bit more is all. I listen to my buddies beats and they have more of that SPL bass I crave so maybe some 500s might do the trick. So how do them Ultrasone 780s sound, your...
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