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I was wondering if anyone can explain the pins I see around the Titanium HD and where I can find the swappable OP amps. I have not been able to find this information all day.    lol Thanks!
I will be able to tell you guys in the coming weeks. I have the Q701, Titanium HD, and am about to trade my ATH Pro700 MKII to a buddy for his Xonar STX. This way I can compare the two soundcards and tell you which one's are truly better.
I agree. My Q701 are my favorite headphones as of yet. I've had a few others and yet I ALWAYS wear my Q701 for no matter what I do. Console gaming, PC gaming, music, watching movies, youtube. They are just DAMN nice headphones and unbelievably comfortable. If there is a way to make them more comfortable I must know it!!
I'm just alarmed at the estimated pricing. Isn't supposed to be 700+ USD!? That's a decent little gaming PC with a 660ti or a 7850.
So MLE are you going to continue your reign of supremacy when the next gen consoles come out? Or are you going to be like me and say: "BAH! Console game is too expensive nowadays without all the benefits of PC gaming." Just wondering.   Hi all btw. Been some months since I popped in.
Hi all. Been awhile since I've posted here.
Hey I figured it out. Thanks fellas.
I've heard Alchemy was needed but I know nothing about it. I also noticed the same sound files in games of the same age. Rome Total War also gives the same audio options. So do I just download and install it or? Thanks btw. I had a feeling you'd show up. Haha.
So I have a Titanium HD sound card from creative that uses EAX. For some reason I can't turn EAX on in the NWN interface. Any ideas?
Sup buddies. You guys miss me?
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