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Bump. I too am wondering about these.
Thank you.
So I am a newb when it comes to speakers. I will be using these for my PC in conjunction with either my Creative Titanium X-Fi SC or my Xonar STX SC, whichever I have installed at the moment. Anyways, I was wondering what some good recommendations are. I am willing to spend about 100 bucks so I know it is a bit tight on the budget. I am also wondering how much better an extra 50-100 bucks will do toward the quality of sound. Thanks in advanced!   TL,DR - ~100-200 bucks...
pm'd and live in San Antonio. :)
I have and O2 as well as my friends. One whom includes an ODAC and an O2 and he says it's the most splended blend of technology and sound he's heard. (Within a given price obv.)
Oh. I am sending my ATH Pro 700 MKII for his Xonar STX with the replaced op amps. I barely used the headphones and decided they weren't my style as I am too in love with my Q701. Plus I bought them expecting more bass when I should have realized being a monitor that they would be cold and direct. I was dumb when I bought them. haha   It's Rikuo btw who is sending them. We usually chat on another forum than this one but are aspiring audiophiles. He said he replaced the op...
He used these Op Amps on his STX. LME49720
Good to see you again friend. You lost me as usual. I'll have to ask my buddy what OP Amps he used on his STX that he's sending.
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