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Thank you very much for taking a minute to check those songs boberang. I think in peyroux's case it is deliberately recessed and staticy to give that 50s vinyl feel. Oh well, glad to hear Gardot sounds better, I'm getting ever more interested in these.
That's good news, I'm a big evanescence and Amy Winehouse fan! May I ask, do you have the 10 or 20?
How is instrument separation with something like metal? I'm looking into upgrading my earphone game and want something that can well distinguish the vocals and guitar which often get oddly garbled together and made flat in genres like progressive/symphonic metal.Also female vocals are pretty important to me, my Sure se-215s make them feel a bit recessive.Here are some examples:Metal...
Yeah I would ask an expert too. Hard drives have magnets in them but so much as touching them with a magnetic screwdriver can make it go all kinds of haywire. The diaphragm of a Planar Magnetic headphone is very sensitive so it is intuitive to assume a stronger kind of magnet might warp it. Anyone have any ideas?
Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I'm using stock tubes. Was prepared for the warmer sound. When I get a minute I'll throw a video together giving an example of what I'm hearing. Edit: cool, my 100th post :P
So i just finished building my first turntable setup which includes this little dot amp. Playing around with my preamp, my speaker amplifiers, and my turntable's interior preamp revealed that my dot is bottlenecking the mids a bit, making vocals sound hollow. Just here to find some suggestions on what tubes I can get that might remedy this, thanks!
Oh cool, didn't know there was a difference between the preamps. So just to be sure, I can run my setup as Turntable preamp -> Little Dot -> Receiver -> Speakers And/or Turntable Preamp -> Little Dot -> Active Speakers.
Before I start hurling money at my problems I'm going to ask here. I'm in the process of building my first vinyl audio setup on a student's budget, I have a few pairs of headphones and I recently just got a Little Dot MKiii. I chose it because it will serve as a full preamp and amp for my headphones, and it can also switch to act as just a preamp, having a phono out to run to a reciever/active speakers. Doing some more research in components I am planning to get made me...
@Mython So how exactly can I go about comparing the quality of a CD with no audio quality info in its description with a set of files I can only sample? For example: One album I am looking into getting is Currency of Man by Melody Gardot. Hdtracks has samples noticably better quality than amazon's (Which I can't tell if they come from CD ripped files or straight from amazon music) So yeah, I see how this can be a pain. @NA Blur Thanks I'll look into that
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