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It seems I missed out on all the fun of the older jazz threads, and I'm too afraid to post on one of them. Here's my lame attempt at making one for myself, let's see how it does! It might be too broad encompassing all types of jazz, so I might specify the decades in the future depending on weather or not it gets too messy.
I would but I don't have a soddering iron :\
Sorry for the late post, but I just want to earn those who are considering to buy these. After a while the volume slider on the cable seems to degrade in quality more than it already is. Right now, no matter how much adjusting I do, the right channel is always louder than the left. If you want to get these, record them, it is a must.
Looking for noise canceling phones for a band environment. Quiet comfort costs a bajillion dollars. Any suggestions?
Quick question. You know how they make those adapters that allow you to put two headphones on a single input? I am looking for a sort of reverse if that. Where you may switch between two inputs to go through one output. Thanks.
Being new to the community, could someone kindly explain these terms for me? Transparency, decay, soundstage, imaging, & neutral. Thanks.
I only have an ithouch 2g on me and it won't run any equalizer apps because it requires a newer version of the iOS which apple won't let me download because they want people to spend more on apple products. So, I alter the initial question a bit to Sansa clip vs RoCoo p.
I used to own the original Logitech G15, but my brother accidentally it. If you have the desk space it really is a fantastic keyboard unless you're the one who likes the more flush rubberized keys.
Maybe in twenty years when I actually have the 1.4K to spend on pure leisure....
Time for my second hi-fi headphone! So I return here. Price range is
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