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Oh cool, didn't know there was a difference between the preamps. So just to be sure, I can run my setup as Turntable preamp -> Little Dot -> Receiver -> Speakers And/or Turntable Preamp -> Little Dot -> Active Speakers.
Before I start hurling money at my problems I'm going to ask here. I'm in the process of building my first vinyl audio setup on a student's budget, I have a few pairs of headphones and I recently just got a Little Dot MKiii. I chose it because it will serve as a full preamp and amp for my headphones, and it can also switch to act as just a preamp, having a phono out to run to a reciever/active speakers. Doing some more research in components I am planning to get made me...
@Mython So how exactly can I go about comparing the quality of a CD with no audio quality info in its description with a set of files I can only sample? For example: One album I am looking into getting is Currency of Man by Melody Gardot. Hdtracks has samples noticably better quality than amazon's (Which I can't tell if they come from CD ripped files or straight from amazon music) So yeah, I see how this can be a pain. @NA Blur Thanks I'll look into that
I got a few headphones to start my hifi journey; wondering if it would be better to rip my music from CDs or purchase it from resources like hdtracks. Thanks!
I would but I don't have a soddering iron :\
Sorry for the late post, but I just want to earn those who are considering to buy these. After a while the volume slider on the cable seems to degrade in quality more than it already is. Right now, no matter how much adjusting I do, the right channel is always louder than the left. If you want to get these, record them, it is a must.
Looking for noise canceling phones for a band environment. Quiet comfort costs a bajillion dollars. Any suggestions?
Quick question. You know how they make those adapters that allow you to put two headphones on a single input? I am looking for a sort of reverse if that. Where you may switch between two inputs to go through one output. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: