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I have yet to find any add-ins to the standard ITunes equalizer. Additional presets I mean.   I don't know anything about the equalizer beyond what Apple put in the help files.   I was hoping to find somewhere, someones data as to there suggestions for equalizer settings.
OMG!! I am blown away! Pairing the right Genre of music with the right Equalizer settings makes an amazing difference! I cannot tell you how cool this is. Last night I was upset about the quality of fixed the issue (thanks to Head-Fi users), I am like a kid in an audiophile candy store.
OK. That helped. Not as bad. I had the Equalizer on ITunes set to "BASS BOOST"...which basically was boosting the amplifier...   Messing with the Equalizer Settings.....i have no idea what I am doing here...but this equalizer is changing it pretty drastically. I should learn what this thing does.   Thanks!  
  Forgive my complete ignorance here but I am not really sure where that would be done other than in the Sound Hardware section in Control Panel.         As you can see, the checked one is the USB Audio DAC.   If I click PROPERTIES, you can see the two images below:   Enhancements Tab:     and Advanced Tab:     I have left it all default. Not sure what to change here.
  Are you referring to the EQ Setting?   If so the Fuzzy sound is still heard at "0" but as it goes up the fuzzy gets worse.   It is worth noting here that I listened to this same song on my IPhone 4 with the L3 cable from Fiio and even on level 3 it was awesome! no fuzz at all. I guess i cannot listen to the laptop.
Here are the details (from itunes) of the song I am listening to "Shine" by collective soul..   Bit Rate: 256 kbps Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz Profile: Low Complexity Channels: Stereo   I cannot say i really know what all that means but there it is.   In addition, the same song sounds amazing on the IPhone. No “fuzzy” sounds on the hard bass and drum sections.
I am new to the Audio Quality world.   I enjoy music, and if I had to guess, I would say, 6 hours of my day is spent listening to music via headphone at my office.   I was in the Market for headphones. I have an older pair of Koss UR-15c and wanted to upgrade. Bought a pair of Bose AE2.   I also purchased a Fiio E7 DAC Headphone Amplifier.   I have read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of videos and chose this as it fit in my budget.   The listening...
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