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ok. thanks... waiting ...  
Thanks for the info man!   Tyring to learn more about all this stuff. Yea, i am using that NE5532 on my Lepai,  so do you recomend trying that NE5532 on the FP?  any other Op-amps recomendend?
Want Boom?   Sony XB500  = $50 bucks.. bigger and better bass.  
    Funny how this FP is using the same Op amp found in this cheapo $20.00 amp, Lepai Thripath. Dont laugh guys, its cheapo but sounds very nice and i am using it for my TV with some Dayton Speakers.   So i am gonna order two pairs of this LT1028, one for the FP and one for the Lepai,  DS could you please take a picture to see how this doubl thing goes on the board?   what i need to...
    DS,  i am playing with cheap Amp. Lepai Thripath TA2020A,   made in china but is sounds very good for only $20 bucks, using it for my TV using 2 Daytons B652 Speakers,  cheap and fun setup.   This Cheap Amp is using the SAME opamp the FirePhoenix is using, so it should sound even better with an upgrade on OpAmps.   i changed the OpAmps on my Lepai and i am using NES5532P, sounds better.   funny thing is that i didnt even remebered/considered the Fire Phoenix, its...
Hey AnalogDude.... the important question is,. How do they sound compared to the S500????  
  Still waiting???  its like, forever!
  nice!    seems like prices are dropping, they are $75.00 on amazon, those are in my radar even if they look like beats!
    Zorros or Beats?
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