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Sorry,  i mean a Headphone,  not an Iem  :)
The sound quality on those Youtube videos is very good,  you can see the sound engineers going crazy back there. haha.   Few things:   - VSD3S are still burning, they have about 15 hours, i still dont find them better sounding than either of the Ostrys.  Maybe 1 or 2 days more and i will continue with the "Tip Rolling" thing.   They are very good but still not on par or better than the Ostrys,  the Ostrys strikes me with their clarity even when the Vsonics have more...
I am impresed by the Vsonic VS3d, they are $55 at LMUE. Not the vsd3S.
I am still burning my VS3DS, but i am not liking the treble as much as in the Ostrys at the moment. To "splashy"
I agree, i am an Ostry Fan.
+1. i have been a T1 fan since day one, for the price the sound is good, but they got absolutly nothing on the Ostrys,.It only took me a few seconds with both Ostrys to notice the huge diference in Sq between both, of course they cost more. Iwill keep my T1 for future comparations or when i need something to use while i am cycling.Cant comment on the Tenores since i am waiting they arrive but i would expect they should much better than the T1e and closer/better to the...
 I agree 100%.TTpod T1E  are better than than Pistons.  Better bass,  more mids and better treble.
   Makes no sense why are the using thase phones.
 Ok, i am listening to this with boths Ostrys:  Snarky Puppy,  Lingus.  There is less bass on the KC06 but man,  you can hear clearly the diference between the kick drum and the bass guitar,  the faster parts and when it gets "busy",  you dont miss a beat with the KC06,  its like the details on all the percusions and bass guitars are comming from straight into you face.  The guy on the piano is doing all that crazy stuff on hes...
Cable is very noisy,  you need to use them with a clip or over your ears, not hanging.
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