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Pistons 2.0 for Sure!   Nice sounding iem.. Treble is better than the 3580.
There are better sounding iems at this price range today.   I still use my pair of FX40,  BUT.... at low volumes.   At low volumes the treble is more controled and overall the sound is ok,  i use them for sleeping/bed.   To much volume and they go wild!
 Two diferent Beast's! KSC75 is more "Airy",   more sense of space, soundstage is wider. Bass on the KSC75 is anemic,  also depends on clamping force.  Mids are nice. S500 has a more "closed" sound,  bass hits harder, clamping force can be an issue,  it takes a while to get used.  Its not as comfortable as the KSC75 but there are few headphones that can be as light and comfortable as the KSC75. I dont have to many headphones, i mostly buy iems so i dont know what else is...
:pHad my FP02 in a box for a few years, connected to my new Lenovo laptop and i am liking the sound of this thing, using usb port and stock o amp. Maybe i should try swaping the amp, will report later these week. Any one still using there FP?
Cant wait for my S18!!!    
Maybe OT,  but the first time i heard the T1 ,  bass was very bad, sound was not coherent,  my Pistons sounded better.  I almost trashed my T1 but i let them burn for a few days not expecting any improvments.  What a suprise i had when i tried them again (same tips, same source, same songs).  Sound was much better and ditched the Pistons.   I am not sure if burnin is a myth and i have my doubts about it, but all i am saying that on my T1 i heard big diference between a 1...
I have being using my Pistons  these week,  but last night i found my old pair of Phillips 3580 so i gave them a listen,  Mids are way more in front,  you can hear more details, guitars, pianos are more in front and clear.  The treble and soundstage on the Pistons is better, but compared to the 3580, details and mids are "veiled" on the Pistons.   I would like to see a Piston 3.0 with more mids and more details.
Had to order a again a pair of s18,  my first order got lost!  
Last night i spent some time listening to somo trance, chill out, edm music, switching between the Pistons and the 3580 (had a long time not using them)   Man,  where are the mids on those Pistons????????       Once you switch to the 3580 its like "Seeing Again",  the vocals, the pianos, the guitars come all to the front, you can hear more details, even the bass is more detailed.  There are some tracks where the bass on the Pistons sounds like a muted Bass,  where...
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