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I have a few years staring at that  Buy button on those Gr07,  for some reason,  maybe because i read a lot about the "treble" being a bit agressive, i have never hit that button.  Seems that with the KC06 there is no reason to buy them.
This? Have to check those out!
 Give me a "Quick Impresion" of those Duozas .....try to convince me to spend 100 bucks!.. (dont try that hard!)
Ostrys <--  Best IEM under $100?
ok, i found tips that are giving me the best sound on the VSD's... but still a bit behind the Ostrys in "Clarity" and "openess sound",   Ostrys sound more "stereo"
Sorry,  i mean a Headphone,  not an Iem  :)
The sound quality on those Youtube videos is very good,  you can see the sound engineers going crazy back there. haha.   Few things:   - VSD3S are still burning, they have about 15 hours, i still dont find them better sounding than either of the Ostrys.  Maybe 1 or 2 days more and i will continue with the "Tip Rolling" thing.   They are very good but still not on par or better than the Ostrys,  the Ostrys strikes me with their clarity even when the Vsonics have more...
I am impresed by the Vsonic VS3d, they are $55 at LMUE. Not the vsd3S.
I am still burning my VS3DS, but i am not liking the treble as much as in the Ostrys at the moment. To "splashy"
I agree, i am an Ostry Fan.
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