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 Could you compare the Titans versus Ostrys?
Listening this band with both Ostrys.... its EPIC   Starts slow,  then it gets wild with a beatiful ending,  Trumpets, Guitars, Bass, Sax, Pianos, just amazing!    
ok.. Burning!!
I am having a lot of driver flex the right side, is there something to correct this problem Or its normal?
Wooo. Just got my Bassos, bass is very prominent. Maybe good for some kind of music like hiphop. Bass gets better with burn in? They also seem to be very fragile.
My Personal opinion of some of the cheapo Iems i own,   VS3DS is good, bur the Ostrys are much better.     KC06=kC06 > VS3DS > MH1 > FXD80 > FXD70 > TTpod T1E > Pistons > 3580 > FX40 > 8320 > FX101 > M6 > M9
Still having a hard time deciding witch one i like the most (kc06 or kco06a),   this are the best iems  i have owned,  i just makes me wanna listen to music all day long!   Ostrys FTW!
Great!.  5 stars!....  IMHO this are without a doubt the best IEMS  i have (KC06 and KC06a)
I find the KC06a better than the VSD3s,  maybe a tad less bass but overall, the SQ of the Otrys is better,  more clear and crisp sound without being harsh.
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