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ooh.. i see, so i am learing here and you know what you are talking about, so tell me something,  when you say it extends to the 300 hz, sonicaly what you hearing is more midbass?  thanks, just learning.
just wait until next week when more people get them.
Wizard, what do you think about the Frecuency Response of the S500, seems that the +5 boost in bass will not be enough for you ?  
I think that Morrison is saying is that he prefers to use heaphones without Eqing nothing, just plug and play. The sound frecuency response without no Eqing is what he judges on a headphone, not that the FR is flat so maybe he didnt explained himself whel.   thats all me thinks.  
i should get mine in 2 weeks.
Concensus is that the FX40 is an upgrade from those Tusrus M6, Lets wait and see if you have the same opinion that i have of them.
ok guys.. thats funny and all but lets get this straight. ok?   You guys are expecting that a Cheapo 20-25 dollar headphone to sound good? sorry guys, but at this price range all there are averge or even under average headphones, sorry but i am no riding this hype train, i am not expecting nothing cause 25 dollars is peanuts, thats what? almost the price of some mediocre IEMS, thats the price of a cable, or a DVD.  and you all are like.. wow, this S400 are good and...
  Pics please!
  i just bought my white pair... there was only 1 left.
  Yea.  200 bucks for a HP for sports. man i am telling you man, you got to be rich.  in any case, if he wants a Headphone, the S400 is only 30 bucks.
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