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  FX40:  Pros: Very Tight Bass, A lot of Details and "Clarity" -  Cons:  A lot of Treble. FX101:  Pros:  Tons of Bass, the bassier of the three. Cons: Mids are more recesed than the Fx40. highs are regular. 3580 :  Pros:  Very good bass,  overall the sound is better than the JVC.  IMHO    Cons: Cable makes noise M6:  not bad, but bass lacks definition, mids are more recesed than the 3580 highs are regular. n i dont hear nothing stellar here, its ok, The Jvc gots better...
i got no idea what you guys are writing, but IMHO the Phillips sounds better than the M6 and FAR better than the M9.
Are the Phillips 3580 over your budget?  IMHO they are better than the FX101.   http://hotline.ua/computer-naushniki-garnitury/philips-she3500/
keep us updated Please!
Microsoft Pads (covers all my ears. uffff comfort AT LAST) + Ipad + Fiio E11 +  Lod9 = Awesome  Sound.  
i am buying my Addidas pads in a few weeks, so i will be  "Number 5" in a few weeks. Stock pads are horrendous.   I found a Microsoft Headphone without no use,  Pads are little bigger but the sound is better, sound from stock pads is congested. .
Easy. Jvc fx101 if you want a lot of bass, jvc fx40 for more details and sparcle, the bass hits hard, highs can on the limit of harsh so you need a perfect seal and a lot of burn in.
I was running in the treadmill at house while listening music with my fxd80 and i was thinking "how much money i would need to spend on a sound system that sounds just like what i am hearing so i can throw away these phones and just use my sound system and no more hazzles with things on my head or ears?"I dont know the answer, i will start my journey, me thinks its going to be expensive. I will search if jvc uses NCT on sound systems.
New earbuds, fx40, phillips 3580. All 3 sound good for the price, if you got an ipod, iphone get the new earbuds. Much better than the old version. If you want an portable ultralight heaphone the the jvc s400 goes for 25 bucks.
Ksc75 has less bass., in quantity and quality.
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