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Yes, should be the same. The bass is there, like 85%  i am not loosing so much bass, but again i am not a bass head, the reason i am loving these "setting" is beacuse i like the added brigthness also i am not hearing boxy voices and that was something i didnt like but accepted it
Ok guys, as promised some pictures of the Cobys Pads     Stock  JVC S500 and the Cobys 185   As you can see, Cobys pads are a litter more bigger, and that helps cause is covers more of you ear and improves comfort a bit. At this moment  i am using my S500 with the Stock pads on the left cup and the Cobys at my right ear, and i am feeling how those JVC pads are pressing more on my ear.  It also will depend on the size of your ears, my ears are big...
  +1   Do NOT use Fx40 on outdoors,  isolation isnt good and it wont sound good. thats the reason i only used them while sleeping or very quiet places.
    and swing both ways?       (iems and heaphones)
    oohh yea... i dont see me changing cables and making heart transplants.. not me for sure.
Agree.Changing pads is SOOO easy, i wouldnt even consider it as a modIts like in 30 seconds is what it takes to change some pads , like changin tips on some iems (ok, changing pads takes more seconds), very easy and with these s500 worth the 30 seconds.My s500 went to another level in less than 1 minute and cost me 9 bucks (cobys cv185).
Awesome man, just keep us updated as soon as you get them and give us your honest impressions.
Also, and i hope somebody pays me atention, Tomorrow i am going to post pictures of 3 pads Stock jvc s500 pads At plather pads Coby cv185 pads It will be easy to identify the stock pad, but unless i give you a clue, you will never know wich is the AT pad and the coby pad, why? Because they are 100% exactly the same, in , out, dimensiones, materials, front, back, etc I will post my s500 with the both pads on, from diferent angles and you will see that they are the...
IMO the reason people are not buying the s400 its because they are waiting october when the s400 hits the state. Reading the reviews and all your comments and knowing that you guys know what your are talking and having the s500, i was going to buy the s400 but at the same moment jvc anounces that they are selling the s400 on october , so it doesnt make any sense paying extra shipping when i can wait a few weeks. I know that i am not the only one waiting, you guys can be...
Hi there. Could you please tell us what is the size/dimension of the hole and height of those AT plathers pads?Thanks.
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