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They are ok for what they are man, but nothing to hype about you know.
These Marantz, uses the same CS4398  (yea.. whe know, it also depends on quality of constuction)
on a serious note.. why are you selling those M50's??  
    i completly agree here, if you want an earbud for around 40 bucks then you SHOULD buy the MX581 if you got small ears,  they sound very good.. they dont have a huge bass but it is something you would expect from earbuds. I am not sure if you can buy a pair of earburds under $40 that are better than MX580, maybe they are but the Mx580 has a very balanced sound.
Come on Dave.. bring something cheap and good!  are you working on something or spending to much time with that FirewhateverDac and those S500??? Work man, people are waiting   
The only reason you are still alive "music luvaa" is cuase they dont ship to florida yo know..........
yea but as soon as they get to the mids and highs fr, all goes south
Thanks again man, just spent some time reading about Square Wave, i still need more time reading but i got a better idea.
maybe the one with the title B2012
sorry guys.. cant help you there, but it was like the 5 states around them or soemthing like that. What came to  my mind was a picture of the "wild west" and some old trucks on the road , you know?  like its in the middle of nowhere and these guys is like.. "sorry man, whe cant ship to florida you know?"  i am like,: "man.. but Florida =  Usa"   he:  "yea but sorry my system doesnt let me ship to florida", me : "cant you call UPS ? those guys can ship wherever they...
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