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My second pais has 3 years,  its a great can at a very good price. Only drawback for me is the clamping force.
Hi, send me you paypal account and total $ for these Xb500 and Sure Iem, thanks
Just buy any speaker with the same specs.  IMHO the "Magic" of this "Rig" is  the Lepai, not the Daytons. MY second "Lepai Rig", im using a pair of 2 Way Sony Speakrs from a broken Mini Component i found for free, sounds better than the Daytons.  
Just use them,  it will get more comfortable..  Give them some time.
  I just buyed a second pair... waiting for the "mail man" 
+2  i now have both again,  i use the 06's when i am listening to Jazz,clasic rock , 06a for EDM, Trance, POP.   IMHO 06'sthey are more smother and i like the treble more, The 06a's are more bassy.
Thanks Wayne! SportaPro on the way   
I love this phones but  i wish they had a bit more bass. 
Got links for both of those iems?
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