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Loving my Pistons!!!
  i am back!!   Thanks, i will check those 70's
  You need to change the stock pads on the JVC,  small and restricted.  if you want a more open sound and dont mind loosing some bass, there a few pads that make the work.  
Hi.... just wanted to say that i still love my S500.   I lost track of this thread,  last page i read was page 354,  is there any other model of NCT HP/IEM worth buying? i dont have time to read 200+ pages        Thanks!!
Hi there!!!  glad to see some of you people still around.  DS like always spreading the good news of cheap and good stuff. Thay guy Wayne from Canada still here or did whe loose him?        Wayne, give em an update!! something better than my beloved S500 plisss!!!       I decided to spend some time on my home system and thearter system, so i took a vacation from the forum, but i am back again,  any one care to give me an update? last time y checked this thread...
    sorry... i will take pics of the new paint job,  its going to be Blue.... why? cause i can and blue rulz!  this time i am going to use glossy clear coat.
Krylon Fusion Flat Black Plastic Spray Paint   1, Sanded the cups until all paint was removed. has to be 100% free of any old paint . used 500 then 1000 sand paper grit. 2. Flat Black Spray Paint 3. a few layers of flat clear coat.  Protects the paint and prevents scratching. 4. Patience.   Prep Work.. sanding the plastics has to be perfect. use some gloves, dont touch the cups with you hands/fingers. i used a little air compresor to blow away and clean the cups.   Spray...
i painted my S500 flat black like almost 6 months ago.. still looks good.  
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