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  Man,  where did you bought them?
  WT....................!!!   :)
 Totaly Agree....
Yep... i am gona buy that third pair of S018 and Comply tips... i wont give up with these iem, they are more than worthy even with the lack of bass and if those tips helps with the bass and treble, the i could easly score them above the MH1 and even the Bassos.
 I totally agree,  the Bassos are a bit more effciente,  no need to of EQ at all cause the sound signature is V shapped, bass is boosted and once you try to adjust the EQ on the Basso its sounds worst for some reason to me.  I just listen them EQ off.   IMHO the Bassos are the best under $40 iem if you want a lot of bass, with  decent mids and treble, much better than other "bass heavy" iems. i rate them better than the MH1 because of that cable of hell.     
Also forgot to add that i got two pairs of those KZ iems from china, sorry guys but i am not impressed at all. The S018 is more refined, better sounding,  the KZ's just sound like the clasic "Heavy Bass" iem, not impressed.   Even with the lack of bass i would choose the S018 any day over those KZ iems....
 First,  sorry for my bad english.Sadly my S018 cable broke at one side last weekend.  I am not good at soldering so maybe i will just buy another pair (would be the third pair... first one got lost .. shipping)I dont like to compare o give opinions by memory, i tend to keep all my iems/headphones.. or they break or the get lost and as you can see i dont have them on my iem "rankin" i   but i will make an exepction here since i broke a few days ago. Talking about sound,  i...
Glad you enjoy them!
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