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Just buy any speaker with the same specs.  IMHO the "Magic" of this "Rig" is  the Lepai, not the Daytons. MY second "Lepai Rig", im using a pair of 2 Way Sony Speakrs from a broken Mini Component i found for free, sounds better than the Daytons.  
Just use them,  it will get more comfortable..  Give them some time.
  I just buyed a second pair... waiting for the "mail man" 
+2  i now have both again,  i use the 06's when i am listening to Jazz,clasic rock , 06a for EDM, Trance, POP.   IMHO 06'sthey are more smother and i like the treble more, The 06a's are more bassy.
Thanks Wayne! SportaPro on the way   
I love this phones but  i wish they had a bit more bass. 
Got links for both of those iems?
 I have to Agree,  VSD3.The Ostrys KC06A sound a bit better but they got a little less of bass,  for Jazz the are better than the VSD3.
 Agree 100%Not even a close match,  Tenores are way better.
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