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Really? Can you tel me some of my mistakes, please? I've only heard DT880 & HE400.
Thanks obobskivich.   After reading tons of threads/reviews here and there, If I want to conclude briefly:   Airiness:DT880>ESP950>HE400>HD600 Deatiledness:DT880>ESP950>HD600>HE400 Neutrality:DT880>ESP950/HD600>HE400 Accuracy:DT880/HD600/ESP950>HE400 Soundstage Depth:ESP950>HD600>DT880>HE400 Soundstage Width:DT880>ESP950>HD600>HE400 Sub-bass:HE400>DT880>ESP950 & HD600 Bass Impact:HE400>HD600>DT880>ESP950 Bass Quality:ESP950>DT880>HE400>HD600 Mids...
Hi,   I've got 2 questions. Is there any coloration in sound of ESP 950? & Is there any warmness in the sound, like the sound of HD600?   Thanks in advance
Thanks a million Magick Man.
Magick Man, can you do a quick comparison on ESP 950 & HiFiMAN HE-6 & Denon AH-D7000, please?
I only wanted to quote an expert's opinion.   Mike at Headfonia (about A1000X):   and of course more expensive than all of them. Especially DT880 and K701.
  Wow! exactly what I want. Thanks for this thread.
Yeah, maybe you are right. But you know, IMO all of the mentioned headphones have the qualities that I'm longing for, but they differ in sound signature. Most of them (DT880, HD600, A1000X, ESP 905 & HE-400) are great. Of course HD600 and HE-400 are more popular but it doesn't mean that they are superior than others. What you said about D880's treble is my problem with them and If I was sure that it's not that shiny, I would get them before. Listening to a band like Sunn...
  I'm really happy to hear that you've found your desired headphone. I never thought of DT880 to be such a great headphone for such a heavy albums like Metamorphogenesis (It's the best crushing funeral doom album that I've ever heard, thanks for your time.). You know, from what I had read, I got a bad feeling about them and now you say that you even compare them with HD650 and they are much better. You make the choice more complicated with every reply. At first, you...
Thank you MuppetFace & goldoon.   Dear MuppetFace, Your reply was really useful. Now I can distinguish the differences between HE-400, HD600, ESP 950 & A1000X very well. ESP 950 is really tempting. Though its lack of bass can be annoying. and also A1000X shipping charge would not be much more than others, because I live in The Middle East and Japan is not much farther than for example the States. About K550 I'm agree with you. It's not that good that some people...
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