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That's awesome
Okay so you're saying, wait with the 3.Ai's, get the 4.Ai's? And my DAP is a sansa clip+, all music in FLAC
And you said on youtube there is a HD580 video coming up, when you go over your mods
I'm buying these to have a fun signature, also because the are to expensive what genres do you listen to? I think the will be great for rock, i'm only afraid of the quality of my DAP
I... Hate beats...
I'm so jealous of your Gonna buy the soon and when is the video of your hd580 going up ?
Do these fit your 4.Ai?
Wow a Lisa that's a piece of history, does it stil work?
Really thanks i'm listening to almost all the songs on Deezer, i'll buy the albums some time, but damn that's heavy!
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