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Nice one
Yeah, thanks anyway! Don't forget that 3,5--> RCA Cable and can i have your ABX box for 1 beer?
No, not an adaptor, a plug itisn't really necessary because i'm sending these to another head-fi member after the meet for 3weeks, he'll be putting a 6,35 plug on there in exchange for having them for 3 weeks and he'll write a review about them... I know how to solder it on there but they are hard to find in belgium, only the neutrik 3,5 l's are available nearby
Is there anybody who has a spare 6,35mm plug laying around? And won't bother putting it on my ID1 for free
Not the youngest one ow, he can't be 13... I think it's a bit to young but who knows
No problem i gotta warn you, ID1 is a bit out of shape, still sounds 'perfect' but yeah they are old
I'm temped to buy these..
How are these with rock?
Dude, i'm 15
2 bearded collies
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