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I... Used.... Beats.. For 5 months while i had some sennheiser's and good iem's.... After that my eyes opened, and here i am, countless purchases later... Don't regret it
Dude WTF
Nah, i'll wait after the meet, send them to a fellow head-fi member and while he writes a review about them and enjoys them, he'll reterminate it in a 6,35 neutrik for free
And, what do you think of your new setup?
... When you can name 10 headphone brands out of your head
Nice one
Yeah, thanks anyway! Don't forget that 3,5--> RCA Cable and can i have your ABX box for 1 beer?
No, not an adaptor, a plug itisn't really necessary because i'm sending these to another head-fi member after the meet for 3weeks, he'll be putting a 6,35 plug on there in exchange for having them for 3 weeks and he'll write a review about them... I know how to solder it on there but they are hard to find in belgium, only the neutrik 3,5 l's are available nearby
Is there anybody who has a spare 6,35mm plug laying around? And won't bother putting it on my ID1 for free
Not the youngest one ow, he can't be 13... I think it's a bit to young but who knows
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