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Butrarina looks good, i'm really thinking of selling my ipad 2, is there a smart cover available for the mini? And if it is the same os that runs on the 2, aren't there like any things that are to small?
Is it worth selling the ipad 2 for the mini?
Can these be used for portable use?
When you constantly pay atention to how things sound
6 more months until i get these, can't wait!
When will they be back in stock?
I can believe that.. I really hope it's ready before the meet!
How much did it all cost?
Okay, thanks for helping me out and i've read it but i don't see where is says what parts don't work.
Can i (maybe) bring this to the meet? If i have it by then so you can solder the 2 chips on there? If that's no problem? And how's the B22?
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