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Hey! Wow it's been too long since i've been active on Head-Fi, i missed you guys! So the reason for me making this post is because i need some good advise on good iem's, the maximum amount of money i wanna spend on them is $300. I've been out the game for too long to know what's good now days. I used to own the RHA 350(?) whilst i really liked the sound they produced, durability was a big con for me. They survived for 2 months before they stopped working, i usually replace...
Thanks, i've been looking for a good vertical monitor for a while now for my mac :)
What vertical monitor is that? is that a monitor stand or a genuine vertical monitor? and nice setup btw
Hello, i've been gone for over a year now due to personal reasons, but i'm back and my setup changed quite a bit. my current audio setup: Macbook Pro Retina 13,3" (2,8 GHz i7, 16 GB ram, 512 GB SSD) optical out / Xbox 360--> Optical input selector--> Fiio D03K (temporary solution) / iPad 2 (line out) / Sony CDP-101 / Thorens TD145 MKII--> Jec TC-716 input selector--> Harman/Kardon Soundsticks III / Schiit Asgard--> Grado SR80i/ Wharfedale Isodynamic           This...
deleted due mistakes
It isn't out in belgium yet... They suspect it woul cost something around the 599 euros...
Sansa Clip+--> Fiio E5 for grado SR80iSony CDP-101/Thorens TD145 MKII-->Schiit asgard--> Wharfedale IsodynamicSansa Clip+--> Sony TA-A200(speaker out)--> Wharfedale Isodynamic
Apple is suffering to much of the competition.
I let a friend listen to my ID1 (beats owner) and he said: "wow, it sounds like the sound is just swimming around the room, and it sounds so good" Another friend to my SR80i (beats owner) "why did i buy beats?"
Smart case*
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