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Yes, it is. I'll pm you
Selling my S9 to save up for a decent desktop setup. I am the 2nd owner and it works great. there a 2 very VERY light scratches on the screen, but you cant tell unless you're looking closely. Other than that, its in perfect condition. it comes with the original box, charging cable, and paper.   Current price is $180 shipped and im very open to offers, paypal only. Feel free to reply or PM if you would like more pictures or have any questions
Closed since it's in the wrong section. new ad here:
I'm selling off my portable rig to raise money for a decent desktop setup. I bought these about a year ago. im the 2nd owner and the work great. they're about 2 years old. box, carrying case, and accessories are include.   Current selling price is $280 shipped, paypal only. No trades please. Feel free to pm me or reply if you would like more pictures or have questions.
Bought a cowon s9 so i no longer need my ipod since I dont use apps. Ipod is in great condition. there are 2 tiny scratches on the screen protector bun no scratches that i can find anywhere else. Ipod is very clean since its been living in a case for the past 3 years. 16 Gigs   With this i will include a SendStation iPod pocket Dock with a mini to mini cable. its clearly worn, but it works. Plus i have no use for it anymore.   Note: Charging cable is not included...
works great as an amp and DAC. screen shows some scuffs and a few tiny scratches but still works great. the L3 works great too. comes with everything shown in the pic + a charging cable.   My price is $65 which includes shipping w/ tracking (US only). you pay shipping if international. PM me for more details. Paypal only. If you dont want to gift me then add 3% for paypal fees. feel free to ask any questions.
bought these about 3 years ago new from headroom. I love them to death but i needed something smaller that only an IEM could provide. there's well over 200 hours of use but in great condition. there is a small scratch on the bottom of the left can and the silver finish is starting to peel a bit under the top band but other than that, these are in perfect condition.   My price is $315 which includes shipping w/ tracking (US only). you pay shipping if international. PM...
well i managed to get it installed on my ipod. all it took was a jailbreak, the install script and a little file management. so as of right now i have the newest version installed om my 2G and i gotta say its a lot more stable than i though it would be. the main issue I'm running into is that the next track starts whenever i change any EQ setting so i would have 2 tracks playing at the same time, at which point i would have to restart my ipod. but as long as i pause the...
well i bought it in the app store but couldnt transfer it to my ipod. once i get a wifi signal ill try and download it directly but from what iv been reading it looks like they compleatly phased out 2G suppors with their 3.0 update. looks like a wasted $3
well if you got it working for your 2g im willing to give it a shot. its much cheaper to spend $3 on an ap than $100 on an amp or even $200 on a source
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