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Purchased these new from Amazon on January 27th. They are still in mint condition with all original accessories and have about 200 hours on them. I am asking $220 USD including shipping. Buyer pays PayPal fees if not paying as gift. I am interesting in trading for the Ultrasone Pro 900 so let me know if you want to make a trade! I will add pictures later.
Thank you for your valuable opinion, but they have already been sold. I was willing to except offers, you know.
I am looking for a Matrix M-Stage. They seem to be going for about $150 USD including shipping so I'd like to stick around that price. Shoot me an offer and we can work it out!
PM sent.
I'm interested in purchasing a Little Dot MKII. I can get one new for $175 on their online store including shipping to the US so I'd like to stay somewhere in that ball park in terms of pricing. I'd love to pick one up used from one of you fine people! Let me know if you are willing to sell (MKII or similarly priced model) and we can work something out!
Up for sale is the GoVibe Vulcan+ Portable Amp which is a wonderful little portable amp. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it has many good reviews including this one. I am asking $OLD USD including shipping. Buyer adds 5% if not paying as gift. I am also including the 1/8" male to male cable pictured and a carrying case. I think this is a pretty good deal considering it retails for about $388 USD on this site (the only vendor I can find). If you are interested...
Unfortunately, these guys aren't under warranty so I can't do the same.
I only owned the D5000 for a brief period of time but I'd say they are very close which is impressive considering the D600 is a completely closed headphone whereas the D5k was partially open. I think the D600 has excellent instrument separation and imaging which gives the soundstage a nice, even depth. I wouldn't say they are the most detailed or transparent headphones but I've only burned them in for about 24 hours at this point. I know of lots of people who rave about...
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