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I to own the 650s and wanted some smooth over ears, try the Focal Spirit Ones? We're are you based...NZ? I also have some SRH940 but am selling as like the Focal to much!
I have some SE535 and also like my sound a tad warmer, I found one of those cheap little headphone amplifiers like the Fiio E11 is good as it has a bass boost function. So I still get the detail with a little added bottom end. In ears like the 535 were designed for live use, when a performer is asking for there mix it can be as fat and warm as they like it so they don't need a IEM that is full of couloration, if the want more bass...the bass is turned up in there send,...
I received some Focal Spirit Ones today, I already own...Shure SRH940, Shure SE535, Sennhieser HD25-I-II and some Sennhieser HD 650.... My HD25 are irreplaceable for me as a live sound engineer so didn't even bother comparing, my SE 535 are a different bread of headphone to being an in ear so didn't bother there either....my 650 are open so not bothering there either....but my SRH940 are closed back to so had a bit of a.......what do I like best shoot out! Firstly both...
Hi Extrab........What mod have you done on your 940?Thanks.S
If I said I was going to buy some SRH940.....already own HD25-I-II and SE535 you would say? Not trying to hijack your thread just trying to get advice along with you! Just sold my HD650 and want a closed can replacement. Thanks.
Hello.....I'm new here...whoop! Any ways I am also looking for some new headphones as well , I have the HD 25-I-II and Shure SE 535 and just sold my HD 650 hence looking for somthing new! I would say for you the HD 25 would be a to uncomfortable on your ears, they clamp hard and really push ur ears into your skull haha, I love mine as they take a beating and do sound good, but I can't wear them for long periods of time either, that's what my SE535s are for. I am looking...
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