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Just got the DT990 Premium 600 from another headfier looking to sell these. Basically in like new shape no scratches or marks on them. Sat on my desk while not in use and never left. No box (nothing special anyway just a plain cardboard box) comes with original 1/4" adapter. Will trade just offer up and I'll get back to you (I'm not looking for anything in particular). PM for pictures
I don't know about the synergy between the headphones and the amp and dac but the HE-400 was just discounted to $300
Pm sent
Any iem from me electronic is always a good choice in that price range. And there is one model that looks a lot like the metal skullcandys which look very cool. I also heard some Vmoda iems were on sale for 10 from 60. If you can find those I'd be all over them at that price
Daft Punk
If you could go further up I'd be all over these I have only heard the westone 2 but the 2's were very close to the tf10 in terms of sound quality.     otherwise i dont think a used tf10 is a good idea they are already notoriously flimsy. If you do buy them make sure they are under full warranty. mine broke within the 1 year and they replaced...
wow with the er4 amazing  
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