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Would you be interested in a trade, specifically for the H6?
Sorry not interested.
What's in your collection. I'm really only interested in trades
Yes. Its still available I just wanted to close the listing
Any trades?
Both for trade for headphones of similar value. Looking specifically for the B&O H6 and Sennheiser Momentum over ear but I'm really open about other headphones. PM me for pictures and offers.
Just got the DT990 Premium 600 from another headfier looking to sell these. Basically in like new shape no scratches or marks on them. Sat on my desk while not in use and never left. No box (nothing special anyway just a plain cardboard box) comes with original 1/4" adapter. Will trade just offer up and I'll get back to you (I'm not looking for anything in particular). PM for pictures
I don't know about the synergy between the headphones and the amp and dac but the HE-400 was just discounted to $300
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