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Wow great price! GLWS! Thanks,
The next guy on the list only has one post and its for the loaner program. Does anyone know rubbadonga? If you are here and still doing the program send me a pm so we can get this thing moving again.    Sorry again for the delay guys.    FYI I just got some EL-8's and got to compare them to the PM-2's.... Not a full time for the review but both are good but I'm leaning more towards the PM-1 or PM-2. Comfort alone is a huge factor and the PM-2 win by a mile. Audeze has...
Yah, I sent in a request a few days ago for the next person after me but I think something went wrong because it didn't go through so I sent another one today that did      Sorry for the delay but we'll get it out very soon        Thanks,    
Pm sent
Can not believe I missed this ;(    Man... I'm heart broken    I'm happy you guys had fun tho :)          Thanks,    
 I thinks its safe to say ALL electronics are overpriced :) The things that set these apart are the materials they use on the PM-1 and somewhat on the PM-2. Now the HA-2 on the other hand is definitely not overpriced. It does damn near everything and for a very reasonable price. I had higher hopes for the PM-3 and was super critical at first but now they are probably the only pair I listen to because of how versatile, comfortable, and good looking they are. Are they...
PM Sent       Thanks,    
Ugh hurrrrrry up!!!      Its all good man just let us know. Everyone appreciates what you guys are doing so just let us know when you get a chance.      Thanks,    
  I live in AZ so it doesn't get much warmer than that but I'm really a sweaty guy so I haven't noticed to much warmth but summer is right around the corner and these are going to be my goto portable pair because there is no way in hell I'm taking my T5p's out unless its a short trip.   Thanks,  
  What bass rollover? Very interested to hear what you mean by bass rollover. Are you saying that the bass bleeds into other areas with the PM-2?   Thanks,  
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