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Wow those are beautiful! I'm not on IG often but I'll definitely follow
Wow, great price!
Anyone know anyone with a PM-1 or PM-2 they are looking to move let me know!         Thanks,      
Absolutely, I've never heard any rattle or popping. Wouldn't be selling them if they weren't mintThanks,
I'm still not sure about selling this little marvel but I'm working towards a bigger purchase so I'll consider letting this go.    The HP-A4 is hands down one of my favorite amps I've ever owned. Its size and ability are hard to beat along with the sound and style. This is my go to amp for when I travel or am working. It allows me to plug directly into my MAC and will power pretty much every headphone I own.    Yes I am the original owner    So low ball offers of any...
Hey,   I have a AKG 7XX I purchased directly from MD so I'm the original owner. Item is in perfect condition and has only been used 3 or 4 times for less than 5 hours total.    I really like them but since my move I have zero time to use these and would rather them go to a good home then sit on my shelf in their box looking pretty   Sale includes AKG 7XX with everything it came with  Price is $SOLD includes priority shipping and pp fees   If you're interested...
YO! I have a used but basically new pair of PM-3 I'm looking to move. They have less than 20 hours on them and I purchased them the day they were released.  All accessories will be included along with the android cable.  Color is white and condition is 10/10 like I said, they are practically new.  I'm saving up for some new gear so these are odd man out, You'll love em and you'll definitely catch some eye balls when you wear them in public.  Price is $310 and includes...
I highly doubt that happens often lol They are damn near perfect in my opinion. Most comfortable pair I've ever worn and some of the best looking. Hard to beat... Thanks,
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