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Excellent, can't wait! I've been slacking so not a whole lot of new gear to brag about. I'm getting my vintage pioneer SX-980 serviced so it should be ready to go by the meet. SX-980 HP-A4 Maybe one more vintage pioneer Heavily modded D2000 TH600 Philips X1 Possibly more but we'll see! Thanks,
Easily. I'm using it right now with a lad2000 and th600 so it would power them all including the iem's Thanks,
Yes! Sorry guys, works been a giant Butt lately but I'll post some of all the stuff tonightThanks,
Few days late but that's a great pic. Dude will be missedThanks,
Trades? Thanks,
Pic coming tomorrow
BUMP   The More I listen the less likely I am to get rid of this amp. Its freaking fantastic!! No clue what I was thinking on selling this thing but I'll leave it up for the time being but please understand I will not be "giving this away". For its size and not needing a power cord just a standard USB it has more than enough power to push everything that I own at that moment.    This is an amazing DAC and I have no idea why more people haven't contacted me about this...
Just purchased a 13in Pro w/ Retina and I'm listening to Goat Rodeo Session through my Fostex HP-A3 and Modded D2k (I know, I'm to lazy to get up and get my X1's) and this is just silly good. The headphone Jack does double as a SPDIF so I have a toslink running to the DAC and man... All is well in the Demon household.    Big Fan      Thanks,    
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