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Bump for price drop! Thanks,
Bump! Thanks,
Hey there guys and gals!   I've held on to these Alpha Dogs for long enough. They haven't had much head time since I moved so its time to send them to a new home.   Hardly used, mint condition Mr Speakers Alpha Dog headphones, with both balanced and single ended cables. Comes with Box stand cables and carry pouch. No scuffs none smoking home and whatever I sell is always in great condition so nothing to worry about here!   Also looking to trade if you have the New Fostex...
Interested in any trades?
Holy hell man that's a great price!! I'd say good luck but I'm sure you won't need it. Thanks,
I had some floating around that I never installed so if I can locate them I'll PM you and we can make a deal. They are brand new and have never left their packaging.      I'll let you know if I find them       Thanks,    
So I read the first post and we are having a raffle so after the main one I can donate a brand new never used Ultimate Ears UE4000 and Martin Logan Mikros 90's only used once. But still just like new. If you guys want me to bring them to donate let me know! Thanks,
Hey guys! Long time no talk. I've been so busy with work life and God knows what else my headphone game has fallen off the map! So what better way to get back in the swing of things then to come to the meet! I'm a bit rusty and have gotten rid of a lot of my gear but I still have a few things I can bring. Sadly I will not be bring my giant vintage pioneer. To much hassle Cans Audeze El-8 (open) Beyer T5p Alpha Dogs OPPO PM-3 AKG K7XX Fostex TH600 Maybe others only if...
HD700 out of my vintage Yamaha. They don't do a lot of good or really stand out but I just like them. Super comfortable and easy to listen to at lower volumes when you just want to relax. Thanks,
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