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very very interested. Is it bright,warm,cold, analytical,tubey, mid-centric, bassy, trebly?   Edit:HOLY MOTHER OF ******** JESUS LOOK AT THE PRODUCTS LABELED SA-XX NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.
does anybody know how it compares with the ultrasone pro2900 and hfi2400?
The hd650 pad or the beyer dt990 pro headband are the best for the job
Maybe I'm alone on this, but i find the pro to look better, and the coiled cable is very useful for me. I just like the painted on emblem instead of the raised plate on the premium.
Since you have the hd650 now can we have ourselves a hd650 entry in your guide?
I don't really know how ruler flat sounds bad. maybe its irritating because its not smoothing over the k702 peakiness that no one wants to admit.
MLE, I think astro is wrapping up independent sale of the mixamp and exclusively selling it with the a30/40 headset. 'tis a sad day in audiophile gaming. Now the minimum price is 200 dollars for the mixamp plus the cancerous a30 headset.
A resounding "Yes". You need an astro mixamp hooked up to the ps3 optical out, then plug the headphones into the mixamp. I don't know of the jack interface on the mixamp but i think the VoIP adapter would work with if i am corect.
low SPL should not be problem on the e9. It powers T1s without a hiccup so k702 should not be a problem on high gain (use that gain switch dammit)
it can be the transformers, but as far as i know transformers buzz. i think it may just be the capacitors, and is probably not a problem.   also, wrong forum, this should be in the full size headphone amp or speaker forum.
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