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is that a joke, judging by the smiley?
well, he doesn't mind the look of grados or akgs, i guess i could strike stylish off of the list, and just see what he wants the most.
I can't say that any ath m50 is very neutral. the new revision is still bassy on a grand scheme, but not neutral enough to monitor with.
Yeah, i said that not realizing that the X-10 was 300 dollars. I think it will be a match for him, but the only problem, is that he also wants to record music, and m100s aren't very neutral from what I gather. Anything that could also be used as studio monitors but are easy to drive, maybe the K550?
I think i'll go with Warrenpchi and get the m-100, because he doesn't like supra-aural, and the m100 is also about 300 bucks.
My friend who plays acoustic guitar wants a pair of sond MDR-X10's with the reason that beats vocals sound underwater-like (Finally someone gets it). I warned him saying that MDR-X10s are bassy too, and are also underwater-like. He doesn't like swampy bass, but he also can stand anemic bass either. Do you guys know of any comfortable, stylish, closed and balanced headphones that do an acoustic guitar justice for around 300 usd?   Edit:He's also recording music, and...
well, i'm 13 so i could give some insight. Sennheiser HD280's would not be very good for him because they have subpar bass and are terribly uncomfortable. For 100 bucks, a Used V-Moda M80 would be stretching it by 30 dollars, but the superb build and sound quality will be worth it. It's also quite stylish too, and give the bassy sound signature a 13 year old may want(I like balance and warmth personally). They are VERY comfortable for an on ear headphone also, and they...
I watched the laser turntable video where they play the piece of music with the electric guitar, and that guitar just sounded wimpy. it had no body, no soul, and sounded like a dollar store PA.        Anyway, back on subject guys,please.
This isn't just Audeze's presentation. this is also a great design video for hifiman too.
How would a warm amp be good for an already warm headphone?
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