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this can't die, I want this, but how does it compare to the spider realvoice? and is that shinyness on the realvoice metal, and is this made of metal?
when room acoustics play a role in the sound of vented IEMS   When you look at a pair of headphones thinking, "Hmm, how would wood cups look and sound on this headphone?"
Red Hot Chili Peppers is known to pick ****ely compressed and overall ***** mixes in general.
He did say that if he were to get open back, what should he get, so, yeah.
just take the 6k slider down about 3db and that should do great.
Used BeyerDynamic dt880, they may be too bright for you, but damn comfy. As Malveaux said, EQ is a hell of a pain reliever.
oh, if you will be traveling, then i guess you need closed headphones. Closed headphones that do quite well for classical are: AKG K550, Beyerdynamic dt770 Premium, Denon D2000, V-Moda M100, and Audio-Technica A900x.   If that's not what your looking for, then what and where will you be using them.   All of them except for the A900 and the D2000 isolate very well in that it make the QC15 nearly obsolete, IMHO.
what you are asking for does not exist. No surround sound headphones are good, and ANC headphones are not very good for the price. For classical, the AKG Q701 is probably a very good choice.  
oh i see now. thanks. F.Y.I it is actually based off of their hs400 aviation headset, or a dt770 premium with a mic, while the dt770 is an excellent closed gaming headphone IMO.
when i look up the mx300 i see a 25 dollar pair of earbuds so, may i see a pic, or is it the equivalent of the pc350?
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