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I would tune a lamborghini, because in essence and certainty, no road car handles to the base vehicle's limits. Lower and tighten the suspension, change the ignition timing, remove the muffler and BAM 10 more horsepower and 1.1g skidpad.
you can find the t1 used for as low as 700. If you could find the lcd2 for that you'd have yourself a winner, though at that price you could get mid range electrostats, like the sr407 and such and such
nope. i'm talking about the europe only manufaktur options. I don't want the darth beyers right now, i just want my dt990 to look beautiful, because those options do make it so.
And MalVeauX swoops downward for the kill.
it is said that the clamp give slightly more midbass, and the pro has a coiled cable, which is good for pc and studio use, and the premium has a straight cable for laid back listening from your big hifi system   Random question, but do you know where I could get the Walnut Burl housing, mounting, and end piece for the HiFi-MANUFAKTUR series of headphones(any dt 770/880/990)?
this sounds very interesting, as i just melted all over the floor, at the sight that we may get mini planars.
It comes on before and after a race. Before the race it sounds like an NES making music. It has a three note bass sequence in order of high,high,mid, then a four note sequence in High mid,low,mid. After the race it has sort of a digitized voice that keeps saying heh as if its laughing or scoffing, with some trumpets playing too.   Sorry if this should be in the music forum, but i feel that the people in the music forum wouldn't know because they may not have DiRT...
why did you do that with your nokia when you can go get poweramp(if it's android) Anyways, there are probably lossless music apps anyways on the store since the Windows phone 8 popularity is exploding.
Torpedo Boyz feat. Serge Kool - Au Jour Et A L'Heure     such an underrated band the Torpedo Boyz are, if not a little strange.
Ultrasone edition 8, palladium version, because its the scratch resistant version Akg k3003 probably the best with a remote.
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