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you would think, for being in the Audiophile line, wouldn't they at least TRY to give it more bass, to make it BALANCED which is the audiophile goal. I guess no more bassy ad700 for me.
how much and what parts of the x1 are plastic   And can someone take one for the team and test the dss2?
At least spell loser correctly borizm. And if intermodulation distortion is hard to measure, why not measure it. its hard, but not impossible, and where do you get this intermodulation distortion from?   Have you tried it on a ruler flat amp other than the e9? And you said the exact opposite of what i asked,would it seriously be worse than the indeed hybrid mini amp, Bravo V1, or any other cheap chinese tube amp?    Be objective and don't just rattle off lower...
I do agree that faster decay is a good thing and contributes morre to detail than treble emphasis does, but to the average person, trebly cans seem to be more detailed and clear.
well, that is where detail comes from. Grados, Beyers,and k701s are said to be very detailed, and what are they? Trebly. Same thing with all bright cans, the treble emphasis gives more detail.
Lets just hope for the sake of our wallets that they don't release customs of the t70 and t5
also, since the COP is the same price as the regular dt770, we may get well priced 880 and 990 cans
hopefully dt880 and 990 with custom vents. Genius idea
your best bet is probably a tube amp to smooth over the grado peakiness
Does anyone know how it would compare to the little dot mk2? And Before people come up with bargain bin comments that tubes are better because they say so, i'd love to see just an objective comparison.
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