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     From left to right is bass and treble. the higher the lines are closer to the left, the more bass there is measured. the lines in the middle are the mid range, like vocals and guitars. and the lines at the right are the treble. the higher that is, the more PERCEIVED detail there will be, and also the more fatiguing it will be.          The Hd558 and 518 are dark and smooth. you might want something a bit more lively for rock.  You may want to go for something like...
I will get a dac soon, but i want something with a lower output impedance so I can use it on a larger variety of headphones.
i'm curious as to what is the signature sound, Warm, cold, tubey solid state, or what?
So, I'm getting a new amp for some dt880 pros. I'll be using it at my desktop. I think it is stupid that amps differ as much as headphones in sound signature, so, what is the best solid state class A amp i could get for around 100, and i'm willing to go used. I'd love to have the O2 amp, but I absolutely despise that amp because all the I/O ports are on the front. Thanks in advance.
I have been eyeing some McIntosh Gear for around 100 in great condition. Should I spring for it over the similarly priced stuff from pioneer and other brands?
This is probably a clear downgrade from the takstar pro 2050. It has the same price and miles better build quality than what these look to be (Metal vs Plastic). and that High fidelity headphones on the yoke looks really tacky to me.
go vintage, you will always get better value for the money. Go for the good brands like Pioneer, Yamaha, Marantz, Luxman, Sansui, Accuphase, and the other big players. 
DT880 it is then i always liked the metal construction over the hd600's plastic anyways. and the coiled cable is a big plus for me since I will be getting the pro version.
so, i was wondering, would it be best to get a DT880 and eq down the treble spike and boost the mids a tiny bit, Or get hd600 and boost the highs and the subbass? If i do that then it comes down to qualities that don't depend on frequency response like durability, bass control, detail, and decay yada, yada, yada.   So in short, if i was using eq on both headphones, which one would be better?   I listen to everything. If i find a band i like, i listen to it. so i...
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