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I guess that the E6 would do well if you used something more sensitive like a closed headphone such as the AKG K271, AT Ath m50, or some iems, like the shure se215
the best thing to do would be to set up a channel bias at comfortable volume in your good ear,equalize the volume between two ears, then, if you need a volume boost, get an amp. just don't let other people listen to your stuff at that setting for danger of hearing loss. Also, remember to get high power input headphones, so you don't risk blowing up your headphones.
No, I myself was saying that they said beats were more rugged than a truly tank-like pair of headphones, which is a false statement.
yes it will sound great on your setup. no need for the o2 unless you feel the need for something big.
I would accept tube/ss hybrids like the little dot 1+ too, as long as they are not warm sounding. I want flatness, or what some people lovingly refer to as "sterile", like the objective 2
DT990 comparison   http://www.headphoneinfo.com/content/Monster-Beats-Pro-Over-ear-Review/Beyerdynamic-DT-990-PRO-comparison.htm   And the HD 650 comparison too   http://www.headphoneinfo.com/content/Monster-Beats-Pro-Over-ear-Review/Sennheiser-HD-650-Comparison.htm   I can't vouch for the 650's build, as it looks to me a bit plastastic, but I haven't used it so take it with a shaker-full of salt.
When statements like this make you red-faced for a bit. "The beats Pros are more stylish, and definitely much more rugged than the no-frills Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO" that was from Headphoneinfo.com
You can find the beyerdynamic dt990 pro for the ripe low price of 170 dollars. A true deal it is. It has way better build quality and durability than the Plastastic Sennheisers for sure. They are not as easy to drive though, at 250 Ohms. They are however, superior for rock. It has a v shaped sound to it, so you may find the guitars are a bit "thinner" than usual, but they respond well to an equalizer. Just tone down the 60-100 hz band on your equalizer if you have one. 
please tell me more. I like hearing about idiots that eventually fall victim to their own shpiel   But I wonder about his reasoning for calling your k242s were "gay" because it had holes.
****** this i'm unsubbing the thread because this is making me want them too dang much, and I can't have them until i'm 21, which I am not. 
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