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Used beyerdynamic dt770 premium. You will not be dissapointed. It has a nice bassy sound, and has a 1up on every closed headphone mentioned here. Don't get he t70 though. It is thin and analytical.
It's even worse in the gaming world. In Need For Speed Most Wanted, The Who's Baba O'Riley and Won't get Fooled Again sounds like Sh!t. IT steps all over the songs and makes it appeal to the public. The remixer made Baba O'riley sound like a Daft Punk song, and Won't get fooled again into a b a s t a r d child of the mass effect 3 soundtrack
On ebay there is a seller with a nice Custom Red O2 for 100 bucks. you will be able to use CMSS-3D with the amplifier, as pretty much every amplifier except for the Smyth Realiser does not have its own DSP..   Buying the O2 pre built from jds labs will run you at about 144 bucks. and about 50 bucks or lower if you wanted to build it yourself. it is said to outperform the Asgard in every way, except for power output, and the Asgard's 3 Watts is overkill for the dt990 250...
I would recommend. the beyerdynamic DT770 PREMIUM. You can still probably get it like new in china, even though it was discontinued in 2010. the pros have bloated bass in comparison to premiums, and are more comfortable.
what is your budget, design preferences, and portable or desktop?   the  o2 is probably your best bet. i is designed to be objectively great. you will notice a wider soundstage from the reduced crosstalk. It's probably the best value for about 450 dollars from what nwavguy claims(He makes no profit, so thats not his marketing shpiel, it is an unbiased opinion/fact)   I wouldn't trust the Asgard, it looks purdy, but i don't see proof of an electrical engineering degree...
i'm 13, and everybody here says, "why don't you get beats or bose because they make the best headphones in the world" From all the people that know of a thing called google. shameful
I think i found an outlet. i'll get the Objective 2, with the desktop enclosure. I like it. Will come back with results after christmas, and WILL review.
in one sentence, the dt990 pro will satisfy DEFINITELY for rock. It is a good all rounder too for sure. the hd558 is a bit closed in sounding for an open headphone. I'm not crapping all over the hd558, but i'm just saying that there is something better for rock and everything else, and that is the dt990. 
that is illegal as all get out man.
i'm getting the pro 250 ohm.   I want the most accurate, so I guess tubes are out of the equation.
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