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The fiio L7 is a substitute for the e9 dock with out an amp section and should go very nicely with the valhalla
Thermaltake Isirus. They look like a rebadged Audio-Technica CKM99, and they sound like them too.
no problem. by the way, if this ever kicks off, sorry about your wallet.
What kind of sound do you prefer? If you like brightness, grado sr125i. If you want warmth, ath-m50 or dt770. Also, do you prefer open or closed for your uses?
well extended bass, detailed highs with a touch of brightness, and hopefully a not-too-recessed mid-range, like a closed DT990, I guess.   @hipster2010 I mostly listen to classic rock, Prog rock, alternative, grunge, hip hop, and rap, and I always try new music.
I need portable headphones. For just general use, under 100 bucks I have been contemplating getting ultrasone hfi 580/DJ1, or the sony mdr7510/zx700. Is there anything better for thw price? (no m50s)
I keep hearing that the dt880 premium has a problem with rear positioning in games, but i'm not entirely sure about the pro. can anyone confirm That the pro doesn't have the same problem, or is there a mod I can do to make the sound a circle instead of orange with a quarter of it missing.
Everyone here knows(hopefully) that the beats by dre are a terrible deal, but how good is the cable off of the pros? Are they sub-par, fine, or great?
yes, absolutely. Better dac, better amp, higher snr, and replaceability (if your mobo amp dies.)
     please tell me that you are kidding. digital is digital no matter if its being played through windows media player, winamp, foobar, or free file opener, or whatever you may use.       But maybe i'm reading it wrong, and you said that your audio rig could be better.
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