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Is the sound punchy. i couldn't stand the non punchyness of the ad700.
I want these, but it sucks since i'm a teenager and have to get them reshelled when the get too small.
no. Fiio does sell the a1 which is a 14 watt class D Speaker amp without a headphone jack that stacks neatly on top of the e9 and is the same form factor.
they look like they should go fine with a fiio a1
He just said he loved the 990 pro, and the 880 pro is just a flatter dt990 with less soundstage and brightness.
I think it has something to do with the enclosure, but im not sure. Either the more closed in design is preventing the use of the cups as bass ports or the other way around for the dt990. Also the DT990 isnt like beats studio/grado sr-80 in bass comparison, its more like comparing the K701 and the Q701 in bass. Just a bit more (2db or 3db) more midbass, but still incredibly deep based on their own merit. P.S  All the beyer DT770/880/990s costed the same at one point in...
  Razer has a terrible value and i hear Steelseries Siberia is quite good but out of your price range. And I would Agree with Ich1ban and say that you should stick to full size if soundstage and directionality is your concern. but if you are bent on iems, the isirus has amazing isolation. 
It's sad but true, but rather than looking at it as holes poked into a metal cup, i would say that Beyer 880s are miles better than dt770s and if you really want something like a dt770 then a healthy dose of AKG k272 is what you need
Sound: It uses the exact same driver as every dt 770/880/990, but it has a smaller soundsage, less bass, less 6k treble spike, and more pronounced but slightly less resolving midrange.   Isolation: It isolates just a very wee bit more than dt990s, or not much at all.   Build Quality: It will feel more solid in the hand than the dt990 pros(mostly because of the metal cups on dt880)   Verdict: I would definitely recommend it over the hd600 as a flat headphone....
ultrasone pro 550. Absolutely beautiful
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